Dessert’d Organic Bake Shop in Mammoth received a big, business sustaining, surprise last week.

The folks from Barstool Sports – a sports media company in New York, were at risk of having their favorite pizza restaurant close due to COVID loss of income. They raised some money, and saved the restaurant from closing. Then the owner realized there were lots of other businesses in the country struggling. – barely hanging on.

Barstools Sports owner Dave Portnoy put out a call for small businesses drastically affected by loss of business due to COVID, to send in their story. Dessert’d owner Mimi Council did. And received a surprise video chat from Portnoy.

Her request; to cover the cost of retaining her employees. The awarded amount was not shared by either party,  but Portnoy posted on Instagram that Council’s business request is not a one-time grant. His group will fund her payroll expenses month after month, until the crisis to resolved.

Portnoy started his fundraising campaign in December with a goal of $500,000. Over the Christmas holiday he raised $17 million. Two days ago, Packers QB, Aaron Rogers, donated $500,000 to the Barstool Sports fundraising campaign.

The Mammoth business, even with the threat of having to close due to COVID lack of business, still took care of their community. “If someone couldn’t afford a birthday cake, we made sure they had one,” said Council. In essence, although she didn’t realize it at the time, she was paying it forward.