Fall is officially over as the Eastern Sierra and the White Mountains got their first dusting on snow yesterday (Sunday 11/8). Light snow flurries fell all morning in Bishop and Big Pine. All day long, storm clouds would cover the Sierra Crest, then retreat a little exposing the white stuff, then return and dump more. Chains were required in the higher elevations of Hwy. 395, north of the  Mammoth cutoff.

Trucks coming down from up above were dumping melting snow and ice along the Hwy. 395 roadside. The snow in higher elevations up Bishop Creek Canyon stuck with about an inch of snow. The road was open and plowed up tot he summit of Hwy. 168.

Reminder Mammoth Mountain started blowing October 26, with a scheduled opening date of November 14, air service to Mammoth Airport resumes December 17, and June Mountain opens December 19.

(Thanks to Bill Arnold, John Sheppard and all the Ham Radio operators in BARC – the Bishop Amateur Radio Club for sharing their webcam position on their tower up on Silver Peak in the Whites.)