Whether a little local getaway,  or our listeners from SoCal coming up for a fall vacation, here’s the latest campground and visitor-serving facilities openings and closures in the Inyo National Forest. (as of 10/14/20) 

Mono Lake Ranger District:

 Roads open: Monitor Pass (Hwy 89), Ebbetts Pass (Hwy 4), Sonora Pass (Hwy108), Bodie Rd. (Hwy 270), Lundy Lake Rd. Hwy 120 E (Benton), Hwy 158., Saddlebag Rd. Tioga Pass (Hwy 120 W) at Yosemite National Park Boundary is open to vehicular traffic w/ day use reservation or proof of overnight accommodation in the park required.

 Campgrounds closed for the season: Tioga Lake, Junction, Moraine Saddlebag Lake, Saddlebag Lake Group, Sawmill Walk-in, Ellery Lake, Big Bend, Obsidian Flat Group, Upper Deadman, Lower Deadman, Aerie Crag, Reversed Creek, Gull Lake, June Lake.

 Campground closing 10/18: Oh Ridge

Campgrounds open: Lundy Canyon (county), Aspen (estimated closing 11/2), Lower Lee Vining (estimated closing 11/2), Hartley (estimated closing 11/2), Glass Creek (estimated closing 11/2), Big Springs (estimated closing 11/2/), Silver Lake (closing 11/1).

The Mono Basin Visitor Center is closed, but visitor questions are being answered via phone call daily, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, 760-647-3040  or 760- 647-3044.

Mammoth Ranger District

Roads closed: Reds Meadow Rd (Creek Fire).Roads open:  Lake Basin Rd., Mammoth Scenic Loop.

Campgrounds closed for the season:  Old Shady Rest, Sherwin Creek, Pine Glen, Pine City, Lake George, Lake Mary, Coldwater, Upper Soda Springs., Reds Meadow, Agnew Meadows Family, Agnew Meadows Horse, Agnew Meadows Group, Pumice Flat, Pumice Flat Group,  Minaret Falls, Brown’s Owens River (private).

 Campground closed 10-/18: Twin Lakes.

Campgrounds open: Mammoth Mtn. RV Park, New Shady Rest (closing 11/1/20) , Crowley (BLM, no water, closing 10/31.)

The Mammoth Welcome Center is closed, but visitor questions are being answered via phone call daily, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, 760-924-5500.

The Devils Postpile Ranger Station is closed for the season.

White Mountain Ranger District

 Roads open: McGee Creek Rd., Rock Creek Road, Buttermilk Rd., Hwy 168, North Lake Rd., South Lake Rd., White Mountain Rd. Silver Canyon Rd. (4×4-high clearance expect winter damage), Wyman Canyon Rd. (4×4-high clearance), Big Pine Canyon.

Campgrounds Open: Horton (BLM, closing 10/31), Goodale (BLM).Convict Lake (closes 11/1/20), French Camp (closes 11/1/20), Pleasant Valley (County),  Bitterbrush (no host), Four Jeffrey (closing 10/28), Sabrina (closing 10/28), Baker Creek (County), Upper Sage Flat (closing 10/28), Taboose Creek (County), Tinnemaha Creek (County).

Campgrounds closed: Holiday ,  Aspen Group, Palisade Group, Rock Creek Group, McGee Creek, Tuff, Rock Creek, Iris Meadow, Big Meadow, East Fork, Mosquito Flat Backpacker, Pine Grove, Upper Pine Grove Pleasant Valley Pit (BLM), Table Mountain Group, Forks, Intake 2, Bishop Park, Big Trees, Bishop Park Group, Willow, Mountain Glen, North Lake Grandview, Cedar Flat Group, Clyde Sage Flat, Big Pine Creek, Glacier Group, Palisade Glacier Group.

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Visitor Center is closed.

The White Mountain Ranger Station Visitor Center is closed, but visitor questions are being answered via phone call daily, 8:00 am to 4;40pm, 760-873-2500, 760-873-2501. 760-873-2503.

Mt Whitney Ranger District

Roads open: Onion Valley, Whitney Portal Rd., Foothill Road, Division Creek, Horseshoe Meadow .

Campgrounds open: Independence Creek (county), Whitney Portal (closes 10/31), Tuttle Creek (BLM), Lower Grays Meadow (winter ops)Lone Pine (winter ops starting 10/31), Boulder Creek RV Resort (private), Portuguese Joe (county), Diaz Lake (County),  Cottonwood Lakes (closing 10/31), Cottonwood Pass (closing 10/31), Horseshoe Meadows Equestrian (closing 10/31).

Campgrounds closed: Upper Grays Meadow, Onion Valley, Whitney Portal Group, Whitney Portal Trailhead Campground, Kennedy Meadows.

The Eastern Sierra Visitor Center in Lone Pine is closed, but visitor questions are being answered via phone call daily , 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, 760-876-6200. 760-876-6222.

The Inyo National Forest and Bishop BLM Field Office are in Fire Restrictions.

 Fuelwood collection has been extended through the month of October. Most tags have been issued through September and will be honored.