(Edited 10-21-20 @ 12:30 p.m.) Two weeks ago, in what was supposed to be a fun pick up game of football with friends in Bishop City Park, turned into a high school sports-ending injury. Two weeks ago,  Broncos star running back, Steven Paco suffered a major ACL ligament tear.

The senior varsity running back had surgery at Mammoth Hospital on Monday. On Tuesday afternoon, to show their support, love, and help in his healing process, friends, family, and fans held a “Paco Parade” past his home in west Bishop, with honking horns, signs, and hugs.

While he was all smiles at the surprise parade, of his injury, he said “It just really hurts.” His mom Shelly says he will start recovery therapy on Friday.

Paco started playing football in the 6th grade. He played for the varsity Bishop Broncos in his freshman year.

With his sports future uncertain for now, Steven said he will perhaps attend a two-year community college that has a football program. Then he might be able to transfer to a four-year college, hopefully with a scholarship.