KIBS/KBOV took all our station’s recycling to the Manor Market Recycling Center and earmarked our buy-back funds towards the Wildcare  Eastern Sierra rehabilitation program.

The rehab center, with the help of volunteers and foster “parents,” have helped recently to rehabilitate nesting and fledging Sparrows, House Finches, Ducklings, Starlings, and Rabbits in their homes.

Red Tailed,  Red Shouldered, Cooper’s Hawks, and several owls have been recent residents in their rehab flight center, along with a migrating but off course young Pelican and Avocet.

Two orphaned baby Racoons were also rescued recently.

Earmarking CRV recycling at Manor Market is just one way to support the good works at Wildcare Eastern Sierra. Volunteers are always welcomed.

(Photo: KIBS/KBOV’s News & Sports Director, Ken Harrison, and the station’s teenaged Fast Food Critic, Chase Hernandez, are happy to drink the Diet Cokes that end up helping Wildcare  Eastern Sierra.)