Why Does the Noon Siren Not Go Off At Noon?

An 100.7 KIBS listener called in to ask why the Bishop Volunteer Fire Department’s 12-Noon siren, which can be heard throughout town, is going off at 11:57 a.m.

A quick call to Fire Chief Joe Dell explained that the 12 Noon alarm is a daily test of the alert system. It loses a few seconds each day, where the department will reset it to the correct time about every three months.

On the bright side, if one takes their lunch break at 12 Noon, one will get an extra three minutes.

Like Bishop, in many small towns, the siren is used as a still–effective way to quickly alert the fire department volunteers. One cycle of the siren is the 12 Noon test. Two cycles of siren alerts volunteers as to the need for service and to report to their local station.

– Ken Harrison, KIBS/KBOV News