Northern Inyo Hospital Offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing to Essential Workers

Northern Inyo Healthcare District now offers COVID-19 antibody tests for our community’s essential workers. This is part of an ongoing effort with state and county officials to increase local testing services.

Essential workers, as defined by the state, are eligible for first come, first serve testing starting July 1. A lab order from a primary care provider is required. For more information, or to schedule a testing appointment, please call (760) 873-2155.

Dr. William Timbers, NIHD’s Interim Chief Medical Officer, explains that the body’s immune system produces IgG antibodies late in an infection. These antibodies stay within the body for an extended time.

Timbers said while it is unclear if these antibodies offer any protection against future COVID infections, their presence does show that an individual previously carried the virus.

“While NIHD’s goal is to eventually have enough antibody and antigen testing for all community members, the District unfortunately remains limited by over-burdened supply chains and difficulty in obtaining tests,” Dr. Timbers said. NIHD will keep the community updated as additional testing becomes available.

As the nation watches COVID cases increase across many states, Dr. Timbers wants to thank the community for remaining vigilant with continued precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks. “Our successes thus far in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in our community is in large part due to your diligence,” he said.

For a complete list of California’s essential workers, please visit the state’s COVID-19 website at