Home Street Middle School Student Wins Inyo County Speech Contest

Inyo County Office of Education is pleased to announce that Grady Schaniel from Home Street Middle School won first place in the 60th annual Inyo County Speech Contest, for his speech: Toasterphobia. The second place winner was Ashley Fitt from Home Street Middle School with her speech: Dreamweaver. The third place winner was Kaylee Ashley from Lo-Inyo Elementary with the topic: Vaping. Also representing their school were: Evelyn Thornburg and Noah Reade from Owens Valley Elementary with the topics Follow Your Passion and Teleportation – Myth or Reality.

The Speech Contest was sponsored by Bishop Real Estate and completed virtually. The topic was: Causes and Effects of Phenomena, which was further expanded to explain: Phenomena are all around us – something observed in nature, society, culture, social interactions, history, etc. Describe the causes and effects of a phenomenon that is interesting and important to you. Participants submitted a recording of their speech and although this was much different than the traditional in-person event, their creative speeches were enjoyed by those involved in judging the contest.

All speeches were evaluated on content and delivery by a panel of three community judges: Harold McDonald, Jennifer Morales, and Dustin Blakey. Inyo County Office of Education thanks these judges for their expertise and commitment to the contest through all the changes.

In addition, ICOE would like to thank Bishop Real Estate Rasmuson & Associates for sponsoring the contest and providing the winners with trophies and cash prizes.

ICOE would also like to express gratitude to the school coaches for their time, effort and continued support for our students. The coaches were Mark DesRochers of Home Street Middle School, Brandy Rost of Lo-Inyo Elementary, and Vivian Hanson of Owens Valley School.

Congratulations to all the participants!