New Bishop Courthouse Idea on Hold

It looks like the construction of the Bishop Courthouse has a good chance of not happening after all.  The California Judicial Council had a report available on their website, which they said is not currently up to date.

KIBS/KBOV spoke to a member of the Judicial Council, who said that the Bishop courthouse plans are essentially back to square one when it comes to turning the project into reality.

The original plan was for the new courthouse to be built across from City Hall, however, because of a lack of funding and a few years of a low budget in California, there is no money available for an Inyo County Courthouse.

There are currently ten projects throughout California that have the green light, and have received funding to build courthouses. Inyo County is not one of those locations.

After previously being selected to receive a new courthouse, Inyo County finds themselves back at the drawing board. Surveyors from the California Judicial Council will have to return to Inyo County to conduct the site selection phase. So after all the hoopla, there’s a chance the Judicial Council might not even select the location across from City Hall.

With that being said, the Judicial Council of California will be creating a priority list in mid-March to determine which areas need a new courthouse the most. After that, on March 24, the council will vote on funding for the priority list. Essentially, there is still a chance that a new Inyo County Courthouse will happen, but it could be a long time from now.