OVGA requests Statements of Interest from groups who wish to participate in groundwater sustainability planning

The OVGA is currently soliciting Statements of Interest from local individuals, entities or groups interested in participating as an “Interested Party,” which has a voting interest in the OVGA Board. The OVGA was created to comply with California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requirement that local agencies sustainably manage groundwater in the Owens Valley Groundwater Basin. The basin includes the Owens, Round, Chalfant, Hammil, and Benton Valleys as well as Fish Slough.

An OVGA “Interested Party” may be comprised of an individual, entity, group, or combination thereof. Statement of Interest forms are available online at http://www.inyowater.org/projects/sgma/ or from the Inyo County Water Department, P.O. Box 337, 135 S. Jackson St., Independence CA. The Statement of Interest forms include instructions and request necessary information for the OVGA to assess the interest and desired level of participation of local groups. The deadline to submit a Statement of Interest form is February 28, 2019. Completing the forms does not constitute an application for Interested Party status. The OVGA may request and consider formal applications at a later time.

Specific information regarding the OVGA joint powers agreement that describes the roles and responsibilities of Interested Parties is available on the Inyo County Water Department website (inyowater.org) or by contacting the Inyo County Water Department (lpiper@inyocounty.us, 760-878-0001).