SR 168 W Closed-Major Mudslide/Rockslide

At 2:41 Sunday afternoon, several large mudslides caused the closure of SR-168 approximately 17 miles west of Bishop near, Aspendell.

Currently Lake Sabrina, Sabrina Campground , North Lake, and North Lake Campgrounds are inaccessible due to the slide. Due to the size of the slide, SR-168 is closed indefinitely. Aspendell is still accessible.

Inyo SAR are making their way to the top to meet with stranded people. CHP helicopter H80 is coming up from Apple Valley today to assist SAR to provide responders with better situational awareness..

The Inyo County Road Dept is working with CalTRANS and they are trying to determine if they can punch a hole in the debris.

About 50 people sheltered in place at the Boat House last night, based on information that was shared with the Sheriff’s Office last night they are all fine and are essentially just waiting it out.