Sandbags/Inyo County Sheriff’s Office

If you live in a flood-prone area, be prepared with sandbags. Sandbags for flood preparedness are available from many Inyo County merchants. Residents and businesses in known flood areas are urged to prepare ahead of time; utilizing the sand stockpiles listed below and sandbags purchased from local businesses.
Site 1: Back of the Bishop City Park near the Senior Center
Site 2: Bishop Fire Station 2, West Line Street (west of Manor Market)
Site 3: Bishop Fire Station 3, SeeVee and U.S. Highway 395
Site 4: Starlite Community Park
Site 5: Mustang Mesa, Mill Creek Road
Big Pine Fire Station
Inyo County Sheriff’s Facility, Clay Street
Inyo County Road Department, Mazourka Road
Sand trap on Whitney Portal Road (west of the LA Aqueduct)
Olancha Fire Department
In the event of emergency flooding, sandbags are available from the following fire stations: Bishop Fire Station 1, Big Pine Fire Station, Independence Fire Station, Lone Pine Fire Station, and Olancha Fire Station. Emergency sandbags will be distributed at the discretion of each local Fire Chief, and may be limited based on weather conditions, need and demand.
Fight Flooding at Home by preparing ahead of time.