Released 31 May 2017
Public Works News Release Annual Water Quality Report

The quality of City of Bishop water continues to be excellent according to the latest annual report on water quality provided by the city. The report gives information on water delivered by the city in 2016 and shows the water to be very pure and to have low levels of contaminants. The report is available on the city website ( and at City Hall.
The City of Bishop Department of Public Works provides water inside the city limits and provides the water quality report to its customers. Water customers outside the city limits should be receiving similar reports from their water providers.
In addition to information on water quality and contaminants in Bishop water, the report provides information on water sources and water usage in the city. It describes the three wells that produce the water used in the city and describes water usage in Bishop. It says that each person in Bishop uses about 300 gallons of water per day which is about 3 times the national average. This usage rate is high even for arid parts of the western states. Much of the water used in Bishop goes to irrigation during the hot dry summer months.
For over 100 years the City of Bishop Department of Public Works has provided a high quality, safe, affordable, and dependable supply of water. The Department works hard every day to carry on that tradition and to keep its customers informed about water in the city. For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at or 760-873-8458.