Spruce, Yaney, Hanby Sidewalks Projects under review

Posted by Seth Conners

According to Bishop’s Public Works Department, formal public review is underway on the environmental document for the City of Bishop
Spruce, Yaney, Hanby Sidewalks project. Comments on the document are due 24 April
2017 and a public hearing is tentatively planned for the City Council meeting at 6 pm
that evening.
The Spruce, Hanby, Yaney Sidewalks project is proposed to construct sidewalks and bike
lanes on streets in and near the back of the Bishop City Park. The $1.2 million project would
construct sidewalks and bike lanes on Spruce Street, Hanby Avenue, and East Yaney
Street in and adjacent to the City Park. In addition to sidewalks and bike lanes, the project
would extend the existing paved path near the community garden (the Pine to Park Path) to
the new sidewalk proposed for Hanby Avenue. The project is funded through the state with
gas tax funds. The particular funds used for this project are dedicated to bike and
pedestrian improvements and can only be used for those purposes. A more complete
description of the project is included in the environmental document or is available from
city staff.
The environmental document is available at City Hall and on the city website at The
environmental document for the project identifies and evaluates potential impacts the
project could have on the natural and human environment and proposes mitigations. All
comments are welcome.
For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at or 760-873-8458.