Mammoth Lakes is getting help from up North to help remove massive snow buildup.

Posted by Seth Conners

According to Stuart Brown in Mammoth Lakes, A crew of 15 California Conservation Corps members from the CCC’s Tahoe Center are assisting the Town in areas that pose a significant threat to life and property. Led by supervisor Zach McHenry, the CCC crew is based at the Community Center on Forest Trail and will be here for approximately 10 days.

At the request of the Town of Mammoth Lakes, corps members are working with the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District, AmeriGas and Eastern Sierra Propane to clear record-setting January snow accumulations from approximately 40 prioritized risk-based propane tanks that are covered by up to 20 feet of snow.

The primary concern of the Town’s agencies is the risk to public safety from heavy snow potentially breaking off the first or second-stage regulators and piping on the tanks or homes, and thereby causing propane leakage that would pose a significant threat to life and property. The CCC crew will also remove snow around fire hydrants throughout town and from public buildings with flat or low-pitch roofs such as the Community Center or other public facilities. The crew has also assisted the Town with filling hundreds of sandbags to help mitigate localized flooding.

The California Conservation Corps is a state agency created in 1976 by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.  Members of the CCC are young men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 who join for a year of outdoor work as well as emergency response — floods, fires, earthquakes, oil spills and more.