NIHD Employees Spread Christmas Cheer

NIHD Employees Spread Christmas Cheer

Once again, the employees of Northern Inyo Healthcare District united to make the holidays a little brighter for others.

The 2016 Holiday Gift Drive saw NIHD employees donating more than 82 gifts, including warm blankets, mittens, slippers, puzzle books and toiletries. The employees’ generosity ensures a holiday gift for each patient of the Bishop Care Center, plus Christmas Day patients of the Medical Surgical floor at Northern Inyo Hospital.

NIHD employees and friends volunteered to wrap the gifts after work hours. Those volunteering their time included NIHD team members Maria Sirois, Michelle Garcia, Kristen Bernasconi, Dianne Picken, Reuben Morgenstein, Barbara Laughon, and NIHD friends Diana Garcia and Peter Bernasconi.

NIHD employees also worked to sell ghost and spider “Candygrams” during Halloween. These sales allowed the employees to purchase four of the five requested Inyo Register subscriptions for patients at the Bishop Care Center. Inyo Register Publisher Mike Gervais generously donated a fifth subscription on behalf of the newspaper’s staff.

The gift drive and the Candygram sales were organized by NIHD’s Performance Improvement Department, headed by Chief Performance Excellence Officer Maria Sirois. Rounding out the team are Wendy Runley, Kristen Bernasconi and Michelle Garcia.

2016 is the second year the NIHD employees held a gift drive. Last year, the NIHD team provided gifts for more than 100 patients at the Bishop Care Center and Southern Inyo Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility. Last month, NIHD employees donated more than 50 turkeys to area groups hosting Thanksgiving dinners for the community.