The Road to Yosemite was perfect for the JV’s

The Bishop Bronco JV Football team made the beautiful road trip to Oakhurst California to take on the Yosemite Badgers on Homecoming Night for the Badgers. The Bronco JV football team continued to put up winning numbers with a final score of 25-6 in front of a great audience provided by Yosemite.

4 Bishop TD’s are provided by the rushing attack of the JV Bronco runners.

Jayden Braithwaite carried the ball only 4 times with 1 TD

Luke McClean had 9 rushes for 94 yards and 2 TD’s

Tony DeBeaupre had 5 touches for 77 yards and 1 TD.

Wesley Pettet was the workhorse in the backfield with 19 carries for 115 yards rushing.

All around a solid Victory for the Bronco JV team.

Defensive players # 52 Cal Omohundro and # 60 Justin Brooks enjoyed a great afternoon of dominating the Yosemite offense.
# 8 Walker Parra busting up an effort by Yosemite to get back in the game in the 4th quarter.
Wesley Pettet was just flying around on Defense the whole game as he wraps up # 10 QB, Tyson Mansfield for a loss.
Pettet,McClean and Parra SWARMING on Defense in the 4th quarter.
Praise for the JV Bronco Victory after the game.


Gary Young Photography