Redwood Canyon Hiking Trails to be partially reopened.

August 2nd
by Seth Conners

Effective Monday, August 1st, some of the trail closures associated with the Goliath Prescribed Burn in Redwood Canyon were lifted.  The Redwood Canyon Trail, the Sugarbowl Trail, and the Big Springs Trail are now open allowing visitors to hike the full Sugarbowl Loop.
The Hart Tree Trail between Bartons Cabin and the junction with the Big Springs Trail, as well as the entire interior of the Goliath Prescribed Burn Unit, will remain closed until further notice
The Goliath Prescribed Burn Unit is currently being patrolled on a daily basis by Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks fire crews.  Visitors to the newly reopened trails can expect to see firefighter, smoke, and burning or smoldering areas.  Visitors are strongly cautioned to observe all posted signs and stay on trails, while watching out for fire, dense smoke, rolling debris, and falling trees and limbs.  Visitors are reminded that they travel at their own risk as smoke from the interior of the burn unit continues to dissipate as the remaining fuels are consumed.

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