Heavy traffic expected in Yosemite this weekend

June 30, 2016
by Seth Conners

If travelers arrive at any of the Yosemite National  Park entrances this weekend they can expect delays of up to two hours.  According to park officials parking and traffic are expected to be especially challenging this weekend and travelers in the park should plan accordingly.  The park has added 300 new parking space to suppress some of the problems experienced in the past, however delays are still expected during peak hours.  The park strongly urges travelers to arrive very early to avoid some of the problems created by excessive traffic.
Park visitors are strongly encouraged to utilized the free shuttle busses in Yosemite Valley that has been recently expanded to reach as far El Capitan Meadow and Bridleveil Falls.  These busses use HOV transit lanes which are far more efficient than normal traffic lanes.

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Photo by Gary Young Photography