Bishop Tribe Primary Election Results

Top 5 Advance to the General Election

June 15, 2016
By Arnie Palu

Bishop Paiute Tribal voters navigated a crowded ballot Tuesday casting their votes for Tribal Council.  Voters had their pick of 26 candidates advancing the top 5 to the general election.  The general election is set for Tuesday, July 12 when voters will select three for seats on the Bishop Tribal Council.  The five candidates moving forward are Brian Poncho, Jeff Romero, Gerald Howard (incumbent), Earleen Williams and Kristopher Hohag.

A total of 539 ballots were cast in Tuesdays primary.

Brian Poncho,  196
Jeff Romero, 164
Gerald Howard (incumbent) 144
Earleen Williams, 135
Kristopher Hohag, 131

Alan Williams 19
Elbe Brown, 25
Jonathan Frankson, 39
Diane Hart, 58
Thomas Mitchell, 60
Clarissa Mashburn, 61
Harry Williams, 63
Alena Wagener, 66
Gloriana Bailey, 69
Shondeen Stone-Chavez, 71
Lee Chavez, 86
Quina West, 90
Michael Rogers, 91
Kelly Toiyagaduh Stone, 95
Gertrude Brown (incumbent) 99
Monty Bengochia, 101
Allen Summers, 106
Ronald Napoles, 111
Meryl Picard, 111
William Turner (incumbent) 115
Raymond Stone IV, 116

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