Lecture on Hubble Telescope Set

Lecture on the Hubble Space Telescope

On Thursday June 9th at 5:30pm, Professor Daniel McIntosh will be giving a talk about the Hubble Space Telescope at the Bishop Campus of Cerro Coso Community College. The title of his talk will be “Hubble’s Legacy: Reflections on the Past, Present & Future of U.S. Astronomy”.

In April 1990, NASA launched the most well-known scientific instrument in history. As an astronomer and educator, Dr. McIntosh will discuss the scientific legacy of this great space observatory, describe who Edwin Hubble was and why the telescope was named after him. He will finish by examining the questions “how much did it cost to build the space observatory and was it worth it?”. The answers to these questions relate to the future of science in the U.S.

Dr. McIntosh is an Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He is an award-winning educator and an expert on the physical processes underlying the origins and growth of galaxies – a central feature of cosmic history. Dr. McIntosh has been involved with Hubble Space Telescope projects for over 15 years. He is Co-investigator of several major programs including CANDELS, the largest ever Hubble survey of distant galaxies. Professor McIntosh has co-authored over 60 publications based on Hubble Space Telescope data.