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Ryan Cappello strikes out 19 Huskies

by Arnie Palu
May 11, 2016

Lone Pine’s Ryan Cappello likes to pitch.  Asked this past Saturday on the sports round up if he prefers to start or serve as a reliever,  Cappello gave the perfect answer, “I just like to pitch, as long as I get on the mound I’m happy”.  On Tuesday afternoon Mammoth’s Whitmore field was Cappello’s Happy Place.  The senior right-hander struck out 19 Mammoth Huskies.   19 of the games 21 outs via strikeout, very impressive.  Ryan allowed just two walks and two hits pitching Lone Pine to a 8-1 victory.   The University of Nevada Reno bound senior wraps up his regular season today (Wednesday, May 11) hosting Silver Valley.

Offensive Statistics
Brice Bryce, 2 for 4,  double,single, 3 RBI.
Garrett Sullivan, 2 for 3.
Doug Moore, 2 for 4, 2 singles.
Kyler Francone,  2 for 3, single, double, RBI.

Lone Pine Softball
Lone Pine 21
Mammoth 3

Lacie Jones pitched 3 innings with 8 strikeouts,1 walk, 1 hit.
Juliann Jones pitched 2 innings for 5 ks no walks and 1 hit.

Offensive Statistics.
Juliann Jones 2/4 triple and home run, 5 RBI.
Lacie Jones 1/4 double , 2 RBI.
Katelyn Button 2/4 , 3 RBI.
Ronni Siddall 2/2 , 1 RBI.
Taylor Corona 2/5 , 2 RBI.
Celia Ray 3/4 , 2 RBI.
Mariah Button 1/3, 1 RBI.
Shelby Chavez 1/3, 2 RBI.

Coaches Comments “Silver Valley home game today with our senior tribute.  Thank you LADWP for your generous support of Lone Pine High School Softball.”  Coach Liz Jones

cover photo by Lorenzo Parra.

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