Animal Planet show features local Jordan Herbst

Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me” details Herbst’s fight with Hantavirus

by Arnie Palu

A popular Animal Planet program will feature the story of a Bishop boys struggle with Hantavirus.  The Animal Planet series “Monsters Inside Me” will air Thursday, December 10th at 10pm et/pt.  Animal Planet indicates that Jordan contracted Hantavirus after being exposed to mouse droppings near his home in Aspedell.  The story details Jordan’s battle with the deadly virus including his treatment at UC Davis.  Jordan has made a full recovery.

Jordan_Monsters Inside Me_3
Bishop Union High School Student Jordan Herbst (right) and his father. photo provided by Animal Planet

Dr. Richard Johnson, Inyo and Mono counties public health officer, notes that exposure to Hantavirus is fairly common in the Eastern Sierra with one to three cases reported each year.  No cases have been reported this year.  Dr. Johnson notes that while there is not peak hantavirus season, infections tend to occur in the spring when people open up spaces that have been closed up for the winter.  Dr. Johnson suggest that you eliminate or minimize contact with rodents in your home, workplace, or campsite.  Seal up holes and gaps in your home or garage. Place traps in and around your home to decrease rodent infestation. Clean up any easy-to-get food including pet food.

In regards to recognizing Hantavirus, Dr Johnson says that if you or a loved one are experiencing flu-like symptoms and it is not flu season, you should seek medical care.

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