Marsh Pleads Guilty

Delores Marsh Pleads Guilty

By Arnie Palu

Bishop Resident Dolores Kay “Lola” Marsh plead guilty today (Thursday, November 19th) to two felony counts. Terms of the agreement require Marsh to pay $322,000 in restitution and spend 2 years in Jail.

Today’s Preliminary hearing in Independence was scheduled to begin at 10am but was delayed until nearly noon. Once the proceedings began, a proposed settlement was announced. Marsh admitted to a felony count of grand theft, and a felony count of forgery. Terms of the plea agreement require Marsh to pay $322,000 in restitution to Inyo Mono Body Shop. The agreement requires Marsh to pay $100,000 at sentencing and set up a schedule of payment for the remaining balance. While announcing the terms, Marsh’s attorney Victoria Campbell indicated that Marsh will list her home for sale. Marsh also agreed to two years in Inyo County Jail.

Sentencing is set for Wednesday, January 20th at 1:30 in Inyo County Court, Bishop. Judge Brian Lamb will preside. At today’s hearing Judge Lamb instructed Marsh to “Have your affairs in order” for sentencing on January 20th.

Marsh remains free on $50,000 bail.

The Case was prosecuted by the office of the Attorney General, with Edward Skelly speaking for the people today. The Bishop Police Department handled the investigation with Dave Jepson present at today’s hearing.

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