Flag Football Returns to Owens Valley

Flag Football is back at Owens Valley Middle School

For the first time in a long time an official  football game was played by Owens Valley.  Owens Valley middle school played Round Valley Tuesday afternoon.  The historic game was played at Bishop’s Home Street Middle School with Round Valley serving as hosts. While Owens Valley high school has not supported a tackle football team in years, Owens Valley Middle school has not fielded a flag football team in decades.  Bob Church is the long time athletic director at Big Pine School and he could not remember OV middle school having a team in the past 30-years.  KIBS/KBOV’s Allison Wilder covered Tuesdays event and submitted the following report.

Owens Valley defeated Round Valley 16-12. Round Valley hasn’t had a middle school flag football team in 2 years and Owens Valley hasn’t had one ever that anyone can remember.  So this is both of their first games in a very long time. The coach for Owens Valley,  Mr. Tandy is excited for the Cubs first year of having a middle school flag football team.  Everyone looked like they were having a great time and they were all learning together which was so cool to watch.  

post game handshake. Photo by Allison Wilder
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