Authorities Investigating Dog Death

incident sparks outrage

The Inyo County Sheriffs department is investigating the death of a dog in Mustang Mesa. A dog was struck and killed by a vehicle Sunday, July 26th.  According to Inyo County Sheriff Bill Lutze, the Inyo Sheriffs Department received the call just minutes after noon Sunday. Sheriffs deputies and Animal Control responded to Mustang Mesa to investigate. According to Sheriff Bill Lutze, witnesses reported that a suspect allegedly intentionally struck the dog with a vehicle causing fatal injuries. A suspect has been identified. The suspect was not arrested. Lutze indicates the Inyo County Sheriffs Department will be forwarding their report to the Inyo County District Attorneys office.

Inyo District Attorney Tom Hardy confirms that he has been briefed on the incident by the Sheriffs Department and his office is awaiting the investigation report. While not able to comment on a ongoing investigation, Hardy did note that this is a serious situation that will get his office’s full attention.

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