Big Winner in Modesto

Bathroom Break Leads to $5 Million
Win in Modesto

SACRAMENTO – Sometimes when nature calls, you have to stop what you’re doing and answer. That’s what happened to Jennifer Daniel earlier this week and it’s likely the best decision she’s ever made; but not for obvious reasons. You see, that quick bathroom break led to Daniel winning $5 million!

“I stopped to use the restroom because I couldn’t hold it until I got to the office,” explained Daniel. “I walked into the CVS, used the restroom and on my way out I saw the Lottery machine.”

Daniel (pictured below) likes playing Ultimate Riches Scratchers®, so she put a $20 in the machine, grabbed her ticket, scratched off the barcode and scanned it. That’s when everything changed – a message on the screen showed she was a $5 million winner. “I was very calm,” she said of that moment. “I was just smiling, no screaming or anything like that.”

While there wasn’t any hooting or hollering in that moment, there were plenty of tears of joy when Daniel told her family the good news. And it was her family that first came to mind when asked about how she was going to spend her new fortune.

“My number one thing is to pay off my parents’ house and pay off their car so my mom can retire. And then I want to pay off my own house and put some money aside for my son’s school. I want to invest most of it.” But that’s not all. This money is also going to allow her to spend more time with her number one priority. “I’m not going to have to work six days a week and be on the overtime list at work. I can just work eight hours a day and enjoy my days and spend time with my son.”

Daniel isn’t the only winner here. The CVS store, located at 901 N. Carpenter Road in Modesto (Stanislaus County), will receive a retailer bonus of $25,000 just for selling the winning ticket!

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