NIH honors Nurse Dianne Stevens

NIH honors Dianne Stevens

Northern Inyo Hospital kicked off National Nurses week with an awards presentation Wednesday morning. Hospital staff and management started the day with the presentation of the Daisy Award, which honors extraordinary nurses. This years winner is emergency room nurse, Dianne Stevens. Stevens was caught off guard by the award, as she though she was attending a routine safety meeting, only to be pushed into the spotlight as the Daisy Award winner. A very gracious Stevens accepted the award in front of a large gathering of co-workers, saying, “I think its outstanding to be recognized, but like my manager said, I think every nurse has the potential to be a Daisy Nurse.”
This is the 4th year of the Daisy award at Northern Inyo Hospital, previous winners include, Christine Hanley (2012), Joey Zappia (2013), and Deborah Earls (2014). Stevens was humble in joining the ranks of NIH Daisey Nurses. Stevens, a emergency room nurse stresses two key qualities in providing quality care, “Teamwork and communication. But we would not have that unless we have our patients who obviously believe in us to give good quality care and make a differences in their recovery.”
Both NIH CEO Victoria Alexander Lane and Chief Nursing Officer Kathy Decker praised not only Stevens but all the nurses at NIH for their extraordinary level of care.
Congratulations to Dianne Stevens, NIH Daisy Award winner.

Dianne Stevens and Kathy Decker. Photo provided by NIH
Dianne Stevens and Kathy Decker. Photo provided by NIH
award presentation at NIH lobby, photo by Arnie Palu
award presentation at NIH lobby
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