Time Capsule for Bishops Warren Street

A Time Capsule for Warren Street

The group of volunteers from the community that has guided
the city’s work on the City of Bishop Warren Street Impr
ovements project proposes to place a time capsule under
the project’s concrete. The time capsule would probably go near the Bishop library and could contain mementos from Bishop as it is today to be opened at some time in the future, say 50 years from now.
The volunteer group invites ideas from the community about what should go into the time capsule. Paper and small items would probably be the most appropriate items to go into the capsule. The time capsule will probably be a tube about 6 inches in diameter
and about 2 feet long. All the items chosen for the time capsule would need to fit in the tube together. The capsule would probably
be placed near the end of project construction in May 2015.
If you have a suggestion or have something you would be willing to donate to go into the time capsule, let the City of Bishop
Department of Public Works know at publicworks@ca-bishop.us, 760-873-8458, or 377 West Line Street, Bishop