Bishop Warren Street Update

Next Phase of Work set for Warren Street

Public Works News Release
Construction of Warren Street Improvements Starts Soon.  As work on the water and sewer improvements along Warren Street draws to a close, construction of street improvements on Warren Street
is about to begin. Construction of the first phase of the Warren Street Improvements project is expected to begin 20 January and to
continue into May. The first phase of the Warren Street project will improve Warren Street from Line Street to Pine Street with new pavement, curb, sidewalk, street trees, street lights, and other improvements.
The blocks of Church Street, Academy Avenue, and most of Pine Street between Warren and Main are also included in the first phase of the project.  The project includes pocket parks, seating areas, colored concrete with designs, large boulders, and shade trees. Other items such as sculpture, banners, archways, flower baskets hanging from street lights, bike racks, landscaping, and a public restrooms will be added to the project later with separate funding.
Construction of the Warren Street Improvements project is expected to start with storm drain and concrete sidewalk construction. Storm drain will be constructed along the east side of
Warren Street between Lagoon Street and Pine Street. Storm drain construction is expected to take about one month. Concrete construction is expected to continue through March.
Continuing construction in downtown Bishop impacts traffic on city streets west of Main Street and will cause inconvenience and delays. Closures required for the construction include full street and intersection closures during the dayti
me. Equipment, workers, excavations in the street, uneven pavement, and other hidden hazards will require attention, even when work is not underway. Businesses will still be open to serve you during construction. All efforts will be made to maintain access to businesses and to minimize project impacts and restrictions, but drivers, riders, and pedestrians should be cautious, take alternate routes, and be patient.
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