Weak Ice Conditions

Weak Ice Conditions in Mammoth Lakes,

In the past two weeks there have been three incidents due to poor ice conditions within the Town of Mammoth Lakes.  Two if the incidents involved humans while the other appears to have involved a bear.  The emergency responders of Mammoth Lakes want to advise all visitors and locals that the ice conditions currently are questionable at best and to use extreme caution in and around all ice covered water bodies at this time.

While the ice may appear to look solid, the warm daytime temperatures have not permitted the ice to thicken to adequately support significant weight.  As a result persons may obtain a false sense of security when looking at an ice covered lake and first venturing out onto the ice.  Due to the lack of ice thickness, weak spots have resulted in the three incidents.

With the holidays quickly approaching, emergency responders want to ensure that the word is out there this may not be the year to venture out on ice covered lakes, at least not at this point in the winter season.  Please be extra careful around our lakes and be very observant of children and pets.

If you would like more information on this or any other fire safety related matter, please feel free to contact the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department at (760) 934-2300.

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