Warren Street Update

Warren Street Utilities Construction Update 5.
Work on the City of Bishop water and sewer construction project along Warren Street has moved to Academy Avenue and is expected to continue there for 2 or 3 weeks. The contractor has begun work on new water lines and sewer lines the full length of Academy.
New water line will be constructed from Main Street to Fowler Street and new sewer line will be constructed from near Main to Warren along Academy. In addition, new water and sewer
service pipes will be constructed to properties along the street.
Road closures are required while work is underway and temporary water and sewer shutoffs are necessary for some construction operations. Notices of the water shutoffs will normally be
distributed two days in advance. Patience with these shutoffs is appreciated.
Although the contractor’s effort is now focused on Academy, additional work is also expected in the intersection of Lagoon and Warren Streets in the next week or so. All utility work is expected
to be completed this month. Construction of street improvements along Warren Street is expected to start as early as January and last into May 2015.
This construction in downtown Bishop impacts traffic on city streets west of Main Street and will cause inconvenience and delays. Closures include full intersection closures. When intersections
are closed, you will not be able to get through the intersections. Equipment, workers, excavations in the street, uneven pavement, and hidden hazards will require attention, even when work is not underway.  All efforts will be made to maintain access to businesses and to minimize the impacts and restrictions, but drivers, riders, and pedestrians should be cautious, take alternate routes, and be patient.