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Alleged Intoxicated Man Hit by Pickup Truck

On November 26th, at approximately 5:30 PM, CHP responded to the report of a traffic collision between a pickup truck and a pedestrian along a dirt driveway on Taboose Ln in bishop. When CHP arrived on the scene, Antonio Sandoval Plata was located lying in the dirt driveway with head trauma.

Plata was treated at the scene by Bishop Volunteer Fire Personnel and Symons Ambulance. Afterwards, Plata was transported to Northern Inyo Hospital and due to his major injuries, he was flown to Renown Medical Center in Reno, Nevada for treatment.

A preliminary investigation indicates Antonio Sandoval Plata was intoxicated at the time he was lying in the dirt driveway. Garrett Rogers was driving a 2003 Toyota Tundra down the same driveway when he backed over Plata. Rogers related he did not see the pedestrian laying in the driveway when he backed over him.

This collision is still under investigation by Bishop CHP.

Man and Two Women Arrested for Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

On November 16, 2018, suspicious circumstances were reported at a residence on Erin Street in Pahrump, NV. Nye County Sheriffs met with a 52 year old woman and 34 year old son, who were both mentally handicapped.

The son and mother appeared to be dehydrated, malnourished, and had poor hygiene. Both victims appeared distressed, and the male victim was mentally handicapped to the point that he could not talk and needed help with walking.

The female told deputies that they were both held against their will for several weeks in an apartment. The distressed female told deputies that they were both restrained together in a small bedroom and confined by her other son, James Thatcher, age 28 of Pahrump.

The female victim had rope tied around her wrists and ankles. Additionally, James Thatcher received help from 30 year old girlfriend, Chelsea Demille, who resided in the same apartment. James confined his brother and mother to a twin mattress with ropes and cables, while allowing them limited bathroom breaks and one bottle of water per day, as well as a small amount of food. It was discovered that the victims would often have to urinate on the floor.

Thatcher placed black window tint on the window for the bedroom and installed a surveillance camera to assure that the victims tried not to escape.

Both Thatcher and Demille also received help from an accomplice, 19 year old, Sandra Wombles, who assisted in the imprisonment of James’s family.

It was discovered that the victims had been confined to the bedroom since August of 2018.

James kept his mother and brother restrained in order to exploit their social security disability checks.

Detectives were able to attain a search warrant, and found a mattress with rope and cables, indicating the abuse of the mom and brother.

The victims were transported to the hospital for assistance and medical treatment, while Thatcher and Demille were arrested on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and elder abuse. Sandra Wombles was also arrested and charged with false imprisonment and elder abuse.

Polling Locations for Mono, Inyo, and Nye Counties


November 6, 2018 Election Day Voting Locations


Voting location



108,109, 111

Fairgrounds —

Heritage Arts Building

1135 N. Main St



Paiute Professional Building

50 Tu Su Lane


113, 114

Big Pine Town Hall

150 Dewey St

Big Pine


Basement Courtroom

(Court House)

168 N Edwards St


All Precincts

Central Count Location

168 N Edwards St


118, 119

Statham Town Hall

138 Jackson St

Lone Pine


Amargosa Community Center
Amargosa Precinct 6
829 Amargosa Farm Road
Amargosa Valley, Nevada 89020

Beatty Community Center
Beatty Precinct 1
100 A. Avenue South
Beatty, Nevada 89003

Bob Ruud Community Center
All Pahrump Precincts
150 North Highway 160
Pahrump, NV 89060

Donald L. Simpson Community Center
Round Mountain Precinct 12, Smoky Valley Precinct 35
650 Civic Drive
Round Mountain, NV 89045

Tonopah Convention Center
Tonopah Precincts 14, 15
301 W. Brougher
Tonopah, NV 89049

NWS Visits the Eastern Sierra for Winter Briefing

The National Weather Service Winter Briefing hosted by CalTrans took place yesterday with representatives from Las Vegas and Reno in attendance. NWS representative, Chris Smallcomb gave a lecture which reviewed last year’s weather for winter, spring, and summer.

During the lecture, Smallcomb said that the a dry January and February followed by a precipitous March, helped provide optimal conditions for a scorched summer, because vegetation dried out later than usual. The Reno NWS representative also told attendees that July and August were the warmest months ever recorded in the Eastern Sierra, and that led to optimal conditions for fires.

ARkstorms were additionally discussed. An ARkstorm is a super-storm that brings copious amounts of water to a region causing severe flooding. To compare the effects of an ARkstorm verses a normal storm, Smallcomb said that the the entirety of effects of the 2016-2017 winter season in the Eastern Sierra would take place in just 22 days.

Smallcomb said that with the effects of climate change, there are studies and models which indicate there is a good possibility of an ARkstorm occurring in the next 40 years.

Other topics at the briefing include steps that the NWS are taking to increase radar coverage in the areas of Tonopah and Bishop by lowering the altitude on radar. This measure would possibly allow for increased range of radar and in turn, provide South Central Nevada and the Owens Valley with more accurate weather predictions.

The meeting then opened for discussion between citizens and the National Weather Service. One attendee brought up the issue of altitude weather predictions, saying that although weather forecasts are accurate at lower elevations, they often fail to foretell temperatures and wind in the higher areas of mountainous regions, which can leave hikers and campers unprepared for the shifting climate.

Bishop Crush Boron, Setting Up a Shot at High Desert League Championship

The Bishop Broncos continued their winning ways Friday, extending their winning streak to six games.  Bishop ended up beating Boron 40-15.

Fumbles occurred frequently in this game, with Boron coughing the ball up five times on the evening. The first one happened on the opening kickoff, when Boron captain, Kade Garrett lost the ball inside his own twenty.

Bishop started their first drive inside the Bobcat 20, but were unable to score inside the red zone, and turned the ball over on downs. Boron took over from their own 20 and ended up scoring off a run to the outside by Kade Garrett. The Bobcats then scored a two-point conversion thanks to a pass to the left side to Kade Garrett once again.

Arnie Palu’s team started their drive with good field position, but were not able to score, turning it over on downs once again.

The first score of the game for Bishop came after a Boron fumble, which provided the Broncos a short field. Bishop were able to score thanks to quarterback, Luke McClean’s athletic prowess. McClean weaved his way up the middle on a read-option and ended up scoring the first Broncos touchdown of the game.

After McClean’s touchdown,  the team began to impose their will on the ground with both Steven Paco and Wesley Pettet scoring one-yard touchdowns.

Luke McClean ended up with player of the game honors, scoring three touchdowns with 81 yards rushing. McClean now has back to back games with three touchdowns.

The Broncos will have an extremely tough matchup against Cal-City. The upcoming game will decide who the High Desert League champion will be. Both teams are undefeated in league. The High Desert League championship game will take place at 7:00 PM at Bishop Union High School next Friday.

Bishop Man Killed by Semi-Truck In Reno

A Bishop resident was struck and killed by a semi truck in Reno, NV Monday evening. Eugene Bowman, a 72 year old male, was hit at the intersection of N. Virginia St. and N. McCarran Blvd. around 7:00 PM.

About thirty minutes later, police arrived to the scene and discovered Bowman’s body near the Our Mother of Sorrows cemetery.

Police believe that Bowman was hit in the travel lane by the truck, which was going southbound. After the incident occurred, the driver remained on the scene.

Reno Police Department Public Information Officer, Travis Warren said, “The death of Eugene bowman is currently under investigation. Right now, we know that Mr. Bowman was struck by a semi-box vehicle in the travel lane. The box truck driver is currently cooperating with our investigation. The accident was fatal and we are currently undergoing procedures with detectives and authorities.”

Warren also said that there is a chance of a hit and run being involved in Bowman’s death. “There is a possibility of another vehicle being involved according to an eye-witness.” Warren went on to say, “The witness alleges that a second car struck Bowman and fled the scene. At this point, however, that claim is currently unsubstantiated and the investigation is still ongoing.”

Police believe that neither speeding nor controlled substances are in play in this investigation.

Anyone with any information on the crash should contact the Reno Police Department at (775) 334-2115 or Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.

Suspect Arrested on Weapons Charges

On Tuesday evening, the Bishop Police Department set up a perimeter between Vons, Kmart, and the Vagabond Motel, after a foot pursuit of a wanted subject.

The following day, the subject who fled from the police was found and arrested. Ryan ward, age 29 was detained at 205 Collins Rd, in Bishop on weapons charges.

Ward, who was on parole was charged with felon possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, possession of an assault weapon, and violation of parole. The following list of charges are all felonies.

Previously, Ryan Ward had been charged with Second Degree Robbery and Second Degree Commercial burglary for robbing the Bank of America in Mammoth Lakes in 2013. Ward was sentenced to three years in prison for the offense.

LIVE. BREATHE. BLUE. Dodger Broadcasts in Bishop


S.T. = Spring Training Games As of 2 / 5 / 18 — All Times Pacific

Date Day Game Pregame/Gametime
2/23/18 Friday Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
2/24/18 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
3/2/18 Friday Dodgers @ Chicago White Sox, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
3/3/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Arizona, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
3/4/18 Sunday Dodgers @ San Francisco, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
3/9/18 Friday Dodgers vs Kansas City, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
3/11/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado, S.T. 12:30p/1:10p
3/14/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Colorado, S.T. 6:30p/7:05p
3/17/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Chicago White Sox, S.T. 12:30p/1:05p
3/18/18 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego, S.T. 12:30p/1:05p
3/19/18 Monday Dodgers vs Oakland, S.T. 6:30p/7:05p
3/22/18 Thursday Dodgers vs Anaheim, S.T. 6:30p/7:05p
3/24/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox, S.T. 11:30a/12:05p
3/25/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Anaheim, Freeway Series 5p/6:07p
3/26/18 Monday Dodgers vs Anaheim, Freeway Series 6p/7:10p
3/27/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Anaheim, Freeway Series 6p/7:10p
3/29/18 Thursday Dodgers vs San Francisco 3p/4:08p
3/30/18 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
3/31/18 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 5p/6:10p
4/1/18 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 4:30p/5:37p
4/2/18 Monday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
4/3/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
4/4/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 11:30a/12:40p
4/6/18 Friday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/7/18 Saturday Dodgers @ San Francisco 12p/1:05p
4/8/18 Sunday Dodgers @ San Francisco 12p/1:05p
4/10/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Oakland 6p/7:10p
4/11/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Oakland 6p/7:10p
4/13/18 Friday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
4/14/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Arizona 5p/6:10p
4/15/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Arizona 12p/1:10p
4/16/18 Monday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
4/17/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
4/18/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
4/20/18 Friday Dodgers vs Washington 6p/7:10p
4/21/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Washington 5p/6:10p
4/22/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Washington 4p/5:05p
4/23/18 Monday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
4/24/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
4/25/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Miami 3:30p/4:35p
4/27/18 Friday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/28/18 Saturday Dodgers @ San Francisco 5p/6:05p
4/29/18 Sunday Dodgers @ San Francisco 12p/1:05p
4/30/18 Monday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
5/1/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
5/2/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
5/3/18 Thursday Dodgers @ Arizona 11:30a/12:40p
5/4/18 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego, Mexico 5p/6:10p
5/5/18 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego, Mexico 3p/4:10p
5/6/18 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego, Mexico 12p/1:10p
5/8/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
5/9/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
5/10/18 Thursday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6p/7:10p
5/11/18 Friday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6p/7:10p
5/12/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 5p/6:10p
5/13/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 12p/1:10p
5/15/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Miami 3p/4:10p
5/16/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Miami 3p/4:10p
5/17/18 Thursday Dodgers @ Miami 8a/9:10a
5/18/18 Friday Dodgers @ Washington 3p/4:05p
5/19/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Washington 3p/4:05p
5/20/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Washington 9:30a/10:35a
5/21/18 Monday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
5/22/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
5/23/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
5/25/18 Friday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
5/26/18 Saturday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
5/27/18 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego 12p/1:10p
5/28/18 Monday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 4p/5:10p
5/29/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6p/7:10p
5/30/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6p/7:10p
5/31/18 Thursday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 3:30p/4:35p
6/1/18 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
6/2/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 3p/4:15p
6/3/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p
6/5/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
6/6/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
6/7/18 Thursday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 8:30a/9:35a
6/8/18 Friday Dodgers vs Atlanta 6p/7:10p
6/9/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Atlanta 5p/6:10p
6/10/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Atlanta 12p/1:10p
6/12/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Texas 6p/7:10p
6/13/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Texas 6p/7:10p
6/15/18 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
6/16/18 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 4p/5:15p
6/17/18 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:10p
6/18/18 Monday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 4p/5:05p
6/19/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 4p/5:05p
6/20/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 10a/11:20a
6/22/18 Friday Dodgers @ New York Mets 3p/4:10p
6/23/18 Saturday Dodgers @ New York Mets 3p/4:15p
6/24/18 Sunday Dodgers @ New York Mets 9a/10:10a
6/25/18 Monday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 6p/7:10p
6/26/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 6p/7:10p
6/27/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 6p/7:10p
6/28/18 Thursday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 11a/12:10p
6/29/18 Friday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
6/30/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Colorado 3p/4:15p
7/1/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Colorado 12p/1:10p
7/2/18 Monday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
7/3/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
7/4/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 4p/5:10p
7/6/18 Friday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6p/7:07p
7/7/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Anaheim 3p/4:15p
7/8/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Anaheim TBA/TBA
7/9/18 Monday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/10/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/11/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/12/18 Thursday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/13/18 Friday Dodgers vs Anaheim 6p/7:10p
7/14/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Anaheim 3p/4:15p
7/15/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Anaheim 12p/1:10p
7/20/18 Friday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 4p/5:10p
7/21/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 3p/4:10p
7/22/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 10a/11:10a
7/23/18 Monday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
7/24/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
7/25/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 8:30a/9:35a
7/26/18 Thursday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
7/27/18 Friday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
7/28/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3p/4:10p
7/29/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Atlanta 9:30a/10:35a
7/30/18 Monday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6p/7:10p
7/31/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6p/7:10p
8/1/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6p/7:10p
8/2/18 Thursday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 5p/6p
8/3/18 Friday Dodgers vs Houston 6p/7:10p
8/4/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Houston 5p/6:10p
8/5/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Houston 12p/1:10p
8/7/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Oakland 6p/7:05p
8/8/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Oakland 6p/7:05p
8/9/18 Thursday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
8/10/18 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
8/11/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
8/12/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p
8/13/18 Monday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
8/14/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
8/15/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
8/17/18 Friday Dodgers @ Seattle 6p/7:10p
8/18/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Seattle 6p/7:10p
8/19/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Seattle 12p/1:10p
8/20/18 Monday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
8/21/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
8/22/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
8/24/18 Friday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
8/25/18 Saturday Dodgers vs San Diego 5p/6:10p
8/26/18 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego 12p/1:10p
8/28/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Texas 4p/5:05p
8/29/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Texas 4p/5:05p
8/30/18 Thursday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
8/31/18 Friday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
9/1/18 Saturday Dodgers vs Arizona 5p/6:10p
9/2/18 Sunday Dodgers vs Arizona 12p/1:10p
9/3/18 Monday Dodgers vs New York Mets 4p/5:10p
9/4/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
9/5/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs New York Mets 3:30p/4:35p
9/7/18 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
9/8/18 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
9/9/18 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p
9/10/18 Monday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 2:30p/3:40p
9/11/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 2:30p/3:40p
9/12/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 8:30a/9:35a
9/13/18 Thursday Dodgers @ St. Louis 3p/4:15p
9/14/18 Friday Dodgers @ St. Louis 4p/5:15p
9/15/18 Saturday Dodgers @ St. Louis 9a/10:05a
9/16/18 Sunday Dodgers @ St. Louis 10a/11:15a
9/17/18 Monday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/18/18 Tuesday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/19/18 Wednesday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/21/18 Friday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/22/18 Saturday Dodgers vs San Diego 5p/6:10p
9/23/18 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego 12p/1:10p
9/24/18 Monday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
9/25/18 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
9/26/18 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
9/28/18 Friday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/29/18 Saturday Dodgers @ San Francisco 12p/1:05p
9/30/18 Sunday Dodgers @ San Francisco 11a/12:05p

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