Wednesday Basketball Report

Local High School Basketball Teams Compete

by Arnie Palu

Bishop Union High School Junior Varsity teams won a pair of close games with Lee Vining High School and Big Pine High School clipped Lone Pine High School’s Junior Varsity Wednesday night.

Bishop Union vs. Lee Vining
Lee Vining 37
Bishop Un. 40

Bishop Scoring
Trace Sapp, 14. Canyon Martinez, 9. Moran West, 5. Ed Piper, 4. Sam Moose, 4. Izaak Morgenstein, 2. Carson Eldridge, 2.
Coach Steve Omohundro, “Tough game the whole way, we played very undisciplined, we need to tighten up on a few different things.”

Lee Vining 23
Bishop Un. 29

Bishop Scoring
Morningstar Lent, 13. Julie Cepeda, 11. Darline Haro, 2. Gracie Soto, 2. Liza Joya 1.
Coach Tammy Spoonhunter, “Another close game, Lee Vining is a good team but we fought hard and didn’t give up.  We were able to pull out another win.”

Big Pine vs. Lone Pine JV
Lone Pine 15
Big  Pine   57

Big Pine Statistics
Jacob Bacoch, 17 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals.
Kelby Chirrick, 16 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 blocks.
Moses Davis, 13 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals.
Dominic Santiago, 9 points, 7 assists, 4 steals.

submitted by Big Pine coach Bob Church

…………………………………….Final         Q1       Q2       Q3       Q4       FINAL
Big Pine Girl’s Varsity     35           9          6          8        12           35
Lone Pine Girl’s JV            34           6          7         17        4            34

The BP Lady Warriors held on to win the Wednesday night rematch, after defeating the Lady Eagle JV by 20 two nights earlier. Lone Pine outscored BP 17-8 in the 3rd quarter, as the Lady Warriors ran their full court press for the first time this season. The press was not effective and LP capitalized by getting many uncontested layups. Starting the 4th quarter down by 7, 30-23, the Lady Warriors went back to their regular trap defense and got back in the game.

With just 19 seconds left in the game and the Warriors up by 2, an intentional foul was called on BP. Lone Pine still had a chance to win the game after 1 free throw was made and then given the ball out of bounds. However, after several shots attempts, BP was able to secure the rebound and close out the win.

BP Coach Bob Church- “This game was exactly what I feared. We beat them two nights earlier and I knew Liz Stewart was a good coach and would work them hard, going over our trap. LP improved tremendously, were much more scrappy than earlier and hit shots they weren’t able to hit Monday night.”

“I tell the girls it’s a team game and they’re all important to the team. It certainly showed tonight, as all 8 girls scored at least one point, with each point needed in this one. I have to say that I was certainly not proud of the way we played, but I was very proud of all of our girls for not giving up, when we could have easily just packed it in. I believe our girls learned a lesson- just not a hard lesson.”

BP Stats——-all 8 girls suited up scored
                                                    Pts.       Rebs.       Asst.       Steals
Lauren Simpson               10            5              1              3
AnahKee Mason               8            9               2             4
Cassie Meza                        6            5               2             4
Gena Lewis                          4            4               2             4
Gabby Meza                        2             4               2             4
Raven Duckey                      2             1               –              –
Aurora Toledo                       2             3               1             2
Kaylee Simpson                   1             4               –              2

LP Scoring
Shelby Chavez———————12
Juliann Jones————————9
Jaye Eaton—————————8
Bernice Gutierrez——————4
Mariah Button———————–1

Big Pine Girl’s return to action this Friday night at 6:30 PM, as they host Le Lycee, from Los Angeles. The two teams will again play Saturday morning at 9:30. Both games will be hosted by the Lady Warriors.

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Mammoth Booster Club Christmas Tree Sale


submitted by the Mammoth High School Booster Club

Magnificent Christmas Trees from Oregon and Washington are now on sale in the MHS Booster Christmas Tree Lot at Vons (Minaret Village Mall).

This is the major Mammoth High School Booster fundraiser for the season so please consider supporting a local and worthy cause. Proceeds benefit the College Book Awards, MHS Sport Teams, ASB/NHS, Fishing, Drama and Band clubs, teacher special projects and requests, teacher appreciation luncheons, assembles and the new gym floor capital campaign.

Douglas, Noble and Grand Firs are for sale ranging in size from 4-9 feet, starting from as low as $50. Wooden tree stands and Christmas Tree lights will also be available for sale at the lot. Cash, checks, credit cards accepted.

Hours… (weather permitting)
Saturday & Sunday                            11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Monday-Friday                                   3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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Battle for the Owens Valley, basketball edition

Bishop Union takes 3 of 4 from Lone Pine

by Arnie Palu

The Lone Pine Golden Eagles varsity boys basketball team held off a Bronco outside shooting attack winning 71-57 Tuesday night.  The Golden Eagle Varsity Boys victory kept Bishop Union from sweeping the series of games at Bishop’s Gus Klekas Gym.   Lone Pine’s Ryan Cappello scored 11 of his game high 24 points in the Golden Eagle’s 29 point 4th quarter.   Bishop was paced by junior Sean Brown who connected on seven three point baskets.  The Broncos hit fourteen 3’s on the night.

Varsity Boys
.     .               .    1st        2nd       3rd         4th      final
Lone Pine      16        16          10          29           71
Bishop Un.    10        10          20          17          57

Great free-throw shooting and clutch play by senior Ryan Cappello were key in Lone Pine’s 71-57 win.  Cappello hit 10 of 12 from the line including 5 of 6 in the Golden Eagles big 4th quarter.  Cappello had the look of a senior who would not be denied in the games final minutes.  Ryan finished with a game high 25 points, 11 in the fourth quarter.
Lone Pine led 32-20 at the half, but that lead quickly evaporated as the Broncos heated up from long range.  Sean Brown connected on a trio of three point shots in the third quarter giving Bishop the lead.  The Broncos doubled up Lone Pine in the third, outscoring the Golden Eagles 20-10.  A Brad Greene three point play with 30 seconds left in the 3rd quarter kept Lone Pine on top, 42-40.
In the forth quarter Bishop’s Sean Brown and Andrew Allen both hit a pair of three’s keeping Bishop close, and senior Ziggy Armitage drilled a three to tie the game at 52-52 with 5 minutes to play.  But with the game on the line Lone Pine’s stars stole the show.  Brad Greene, Ryan Cappello, and Garrett Sullivan saved their best for last.  Sullivan completed a three-point play early in the quarter, Greene cleared the boards while scoring seven of his 23 points, and Cappello took over the game pouring in 11 points.  The trio combined to connect on 9 of 10 fourth quarter free-throws.

Individual Scoring
Lone Pine
Ryan Cappello, 24. Brad Greene, 23. Garrett Sullivan, 14. Kishan Bhakta, 6. Adrian Gonzalez, 4.
Bishop Union
Sean Brown, 23. Andrew Allen, 9. Ziggy Armitage, 7. Mike Molina,7. Tommy Ruelas, 6. Anthony Vega, 3. Daniel Olsen, 2.


Varsity Girls
                              1st        2nd       3rd         4th      final
Lone Pine      6                5             4            0             15
Bishop Un.    15           10          11          11          47

The Bishop Union varsity girls used a strong defensive effort winning 47-15.  The Bronco “D” held Lone Pine to 4 points in the 3rd quarter and shut them out in the games final 8 minutes.  Senior Maria Jimenez was high point with 16.


Individual Scoring
Bishop Union
Maria Jimenez, 16. LIitle Eva Lent, 10. Topah Scherer, 9. Sabrina Barlow, 5.  Drew Dondero, 4.  Cienna Martinez, 3.
Lone Pine
Katelyn Button, 5 points, 8 rebounds, 2 steals. Lena Cariou, 3 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals. Katie Lacy, 3 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals. Shyann Padilla, 2 points, 4 blocks. Niki Martinez, 1 point, 4 rebounds. Jessianne Joiner, 1 point, 2 rebounds, 3 blocks. Celia Ray, 1 assist, 3 steals.

Lone Pine Coach Clint Quilter, “While the ladies still struggled to score. They gave excellent effort the entire game. I was very proud of the fact that they reduced committed 51% fewer turnovers as compared to their first game against Paraclete ”

Junior Varsity Boys
Lone Pine    20
Bishop Un.  66

Bishop Union Individual statistics.
Trace Sapp, 13 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assist. Moran West,  12 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assist. Izaak Morganstein, 12 points,  2 rebounds 2 assist. Canyon Martinez,  7points, 2 assists. Sam Moose, 8 points,  2 rebounds. Ed Piper,  8 points,  3 rebounds, 1 assist. Jalen Watterson,  2 points,  5 rebounds 3 assist. Carson Eldridge 4 points,  9 rebounds. Cal Omohundro, 4 rebounds.

Junior Varsity Girls
Lone Pine    27
Bishop Un.  34

Bishop Union Coach Tammy Spoonhunter, “The girls did very well, they were able to stay in a tight game all the way through to the 4th quarter, then they started to attack the basket and pulled away in the 4th quarter.  They never gave up. The defense was working very well and we were able to stop the eagles from scoring.  Overall they played a really great game.”

Bishop Individual Scoring
Julie Cepeda, 13 points. Darline Haro,  4 points. Morningstar Lent 9 points. Gracie Soto, 8 points.

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40th Ken Baker Basketball Tournament

40th Ken Baker Hoops Tournament this weekend

submitted by Randee Arcularius

The 40th Annual Ken Baker Basketball Tournament will be held on Saturday, December 12th at the Bishop High School Gymnasium.  Tip-off is at 8:00 a.m. and a full day of exciting basketball is planned as 8 teams from Lee Vining to Lone Pine participate in this traditional junior high school tournament.

The Ken Baker Tournament began in Round Valley in 1975 and was started by then Superintendent-Principal Ken Baker. It has run continuously for 40 years.   It is one of, if not the longest, established junior high tournament in California.  Ken Baker and his wife Cindy are retired and living in Polo, Missouri.

Ken was recently contacted to share some of his memories from the tournament.  He remembers fondly, “My favorite tournament was in 1976.  One reason was probably because we won it.  But mostly, it was because of the fine group of players I had on the team.  We started three seventh graders, Tim Reid, Mike Fix and Jeff Russell.  They were anchored by eighth graders Wayne Kilgore, Hans Bannemer, David Hayes and David Jarvis.  We also had plenty of bench strength with the likes of Scott Roripaugh, Paul Lake, Clifton Howell, Mike Kobalt, Steve Forkush and Crispin Chaparro.  I just loved the way these kids pulled together.  They finished the season 15-0, having won the new Jr. High League championship as well.  The most exciting tourney was a little later when Round Valley hooked up against a strong team out of Ridgecrest.  We met them in the championship game and the Rovana gym was packed and loud for the game.  The game was close and exciting all the way and was tied up with something like 7 seconds left.  We had the ball out of bounds and, unfortunately, made a bad inbound pass that was intercepted and led to a lay-up for Ridgecrest as the buzzer went off.  It was truly a great game by any standards.”

A tournament with this long standing and proud history could not have been sustained without the unwavering support of current and previous Round Valley administrators, teacher/coaches, and community volunteer coaches.  Also vital to its success has been the strong community support with local referees, score keepers, and clock operators donating their skills and expertise. This year the Round Valley Eighth Grade class will be providing the snack bar treats as they work to earn money for their annual Catalina trip.
As the 40th Annual tournament approaches, many community members are remembering the times that they played in this exciting tournament and are now watching their children participate.

The list of Top All Tournament Scorers is documentation of the value of this tournament as it provides an opportunity for young players to improve their skills and learn the importance of being a member of a team.  Many of the people on that list have gone on to be top players at the high school level and some of them to play at the college level.  Many of these alumni of the tournament are community leaders and volunteers that are a vital part of our communities today.  The Ken Baker Basketball Tournament has more than achieved its original goals and everyone is invited to come and support our youth and dedicated volunteers and school personnel as the 40th year goes down in the long and proud history books.  Ken Baker would like the community to know that, “I am am grateful and somewhat surprised that our little tournament has survived and thrived for all these 40 years.  It is such a great experience for these young athletes.  Memories and bonds are made that last a lifetime.  I thank all the good people of Round Valley for continuing this tradition.”  Thank you Ken Baker for your wisdom and dedication in establishing this incredible tournament that proudly bears your name.


40th Annual Ken Baker Tournament
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 at Bishop Union High School
Game 1 – 8:00: Round Valley vs Big Pine
Game 2 – 8:45: Bishop “A” vs Owens Valley
Game 3 – 9:30: Lone Pine vs Bishop “B”
Game 4 – 10:15: Mammoth vs Lee Vining
Game 5 – 11:00: Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2
Game 6 – 11:45: Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2
Game 7 – 12:30: Loser of Game 3 vs Loser of Game 4
Game 8 – 1:15: Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4
Game 9 – 2:00: 7th / 8th place Game
Game 10 – 2:45: 3rd / 4th place Game
Game 11 – 3:30: Consolation Championship
Game 12 – 4:15: Championship
**Games will be consist of 15 minute running halves.
***Snack Bar will be open

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Bronco Wrestling opens the season

Bishop Bronco Wrestling

Submitted by assistant coach Dr. Mark Hodges

Last Saturday, (December 5th) three members of the Bishop Bronco Wrestling team competed in their first tournament of the year at Rim of the World High School. The Broncos attending were
Junior Joseph Mayhugh at 160 lbs
Junior Victor Esquivel at 170 lbs
Freshman Mark Mayhugh at 106 lbs
Freshman Mark Mayhugh, in his first wrestling match ever, started on fire by pinning his opponent after scoring 10 unanswered points. His next match was against a senior wrestler who is ranked #22 in California. Not intimidated, Mark made the first takedown attempt, but unfortunately was quickly pinned. Mark turned things around in his next two matches by winning with pins, placing him in the match for 3rd place. He started the match strong and was leading going into the last period, but lost a hard-fought match on points, finishing in 4th place.
Junior Joseph Mayhugh started the day strong by defeating his first opponent in a 6-4 decision, but lost his next 2 matches.
Junior Victor Esquivel struggled and finished the day going 0-2.

Coach Joseph said, “The level of competition at this tournament was just right for us – our wrestlers had opportunities to score in almost every match. Although we did ok overall, there are several things that we need to work on this week. We were especially pleased to see Mark Mayhugh do well in his first wrestling matches.”

The Bronco with the best record this season is Mark Mayhugh with a record of 3-2 with all 3 wins by pin.

Next Saturday, the wrestling team will be competing in a tournament at Lancaster High School.

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Tonopah Muckers Compete at Ely

Tonopah Wrestling Results

The Muckers traveled to Ely Nevada for the  White Pine Invitational.  Tanner Otteson had a great weekend leading the way for the Tonopah High School Wrestling team.  Tanner won his weight class and was also named the tournaments outstanding wrestler.

Tanner Otteson. Photo by Robert Otteson

Tanner Otteson 138lbs. 6-0 – 1st Champion
Jamaree Earl 145lbs. 4-2 – 3rd Place
Koa Eliott 170lbs. 4-3 – 3rd Place
Austin Leach 106lbs. – 3rd place
Kevin Pope 182lbs – 5th place
Joh Shiflet 126 lbs. – 5th place
Matthew Melendrez 138 – 6th place

muckers wr

Team Results – 5th place out of 10 schools, Elko was the 1st place finisher.

The Muckers are coached by Duffy Otteson.

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Weekend Basketball Tourney Report

Bishop, Lone Pine, Big Pine Open at Weekend Tournaments

by Arnie Palu

Bishop Union High Schools boys and girls basketball teams traveled to Hawthorne Nevada and Corcoran, Lone Pine’s boys hit the road to Rosamond and Big Pine traveled north to Coleville for season opening tournaments.

Lone Pine Boys
The Golden Eagles finished the Roadrunner classic in Rosamond with a 3-1 record.  Lone Pine opened the tournament with wins over Frazier Mt and Palmdale high schools.  The Golden Eagles then topped eventual tourney champs Paraclete 53-41.  Saturday Lone Pine played a marathon thriller with Tehachapi falling 73-72 in triple overtime.   Lone Pine will travel to Bishop this Tuesday, December 8th for an Owens Valley showdown.  Varsity tip off is set for 7:30pm.
Lone Pine 53
Paraclete 41
Brad Greene, 20 points, 14 rebounds, 4 blocks.
Ryan Cappello, 10 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steal.
Garrett Sullivan, 9 points.
Adrian Gonzalez, 8 points.
Kishan Bhakta, 6 points, 7 rebounds.

Lone Pine 73
Tehachapi 74
Brad Greene, 21 points, 14 rebounds.
Ryan Cappello, 17 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists.
Garrett Sullivan, 17 points, 4 assists.
Doug Moore, 8 points.
Kishan Bhakta, 6 points, 7 rebounds.

Bishop Union High School Boys

The Broncos traveled to Hawthorne Nevada finishing 3-2 in the Mineral County high school serpent classic.  Bishop opened with wins over White Pine, (68-60) Virgina City, (69-40) and Smith Valley (61-16).  The Broncos then fell to Yerington 67-50 and Lovelock Nevada’s Pershing County High School 52-45.  Bronco head coach Gordon Moose said, “The tournament was very good.  It was the first time these boys ran together.  The kids got better every game. We started out with three wins and than lost to Yerington.  They were the toughest team out of the ten. We were tied at half then fell due to their great outside shooters. They (Yerington) were taller than us,  but we still kept them off the boards thanks to Sean Brown and Andrew Allen working very hard as well as Anthony Vega.  We also had a great ruining game led by Daniel Olson and Tommy Ruelas along with Mike Molina.   We also got a lot of help from Ziggy Armitage.   Also Brandon Forrest, Joel Talamantes,  Chucky Keller and Gene Dondero played well off the bench.  All players showed a lot of heart. We are Looking forward to a great season. ”  The Broncos host Lone Pine Tuesday night.

Smith Valley 16
Anthony Vega, 12.
Sean Brown, 9.
Mike Molina, 9.
Tommy Ruelas, 8.
Joel Talamantes, 6.

BUHS  50
Yerinton 67
Mike Molina, 14.
Sean Brown, 12.
Tommy Ruelas, 8.
Anthony Vega, 7.
Ziggy Armitage, 4.
Andrew Allen, 4.

BUHS  45
Pershing County 52

Bishop Union High School Girls

The Bronco girls finished the Corcoran Tournament with a 2-1 record returning home with a 3rd place trophy.  Bishop Union opened play in the Corcoran Tournament Thursday night with a strong win 45-23 over Granite Hills High School, Apple Valley.
Individual Scoring
Little Eva Lent, 12 points.
Sabrina Barlow, 10 points.
Topah Scherer, 8 points.
Cienna Martinez, 7 points.
Maria Jimenez, 6 points.
Sophia Thomas, 2 points.

The Broncos then lost a one point game to Central Valley Christian 33-32.
Individual Scoring
Topah Scherer, 9 points.
Sabrina Barlow, 9 points.
Cienna Martinez,  6 points.
Maria Jimenez,  6 points.
Little Eva Lent,  2 points.

Bishop  won their last game against Hanford West 57-50 and took home the 3rd place trophy for the tournament. Also, Maria Jimenez was awarded All-Tournament Team Honors.
Individual Scoring
Maria Jimenez- 26.
Cienna Martinez- 11.
Little Eva Lent- 8.
Sabrina Barlow- 6.
Topah Scherer- 6.

Corcoran Tourney
BUSH girls with the 3rd place trophy. Photo Submitted

Big Pine Girls At Coleville

Submitted by Coach Bob Church

GAME # 1
Coleville Girl’s Varsity         54
Big Pine Girl’s Varsity         40

Despite having only one Senior (Kaylee Simpson) on the team and facing Coleville with 5 Seniors, the Lady Warriors held their own on the road Friday night in Coleville at the Antelope Valley Lions Club Basketball Tournament.

Big Pine has a young team with 3 freshmen, 3 sophomores, 2 juniors and the one returning senior. BP’s tallest player is 5’5″ tall and two of BP’s players, the Meza twins, are under 5″ tall. The 4 returning players and one of those (Soph. Paaku’u Dewey out with a hand injury) remembered the beating (54-12) they took from Coleville a year ago and knew they would certainly be tested.

The 1st quarter saw Big Pine’s 5’5″ Junior AnahKee Mason battle Coleville’s 5’10” Shaylor McCann on the boards and put in 6 for the Lady Warriors, even tho McCann had 10 of her 21 points in the first quarter.

Sophomore Lauren scored all 6 of BP’s points in the 2nd period, to help keep the Lady Warriors close at half.
A few needed adjustments at half helped limit Coleville’s Top Gun McCann to only 5 second half points, and BP sophomore Lauren Simpson answered with 12 (of her game high 25) in the 3rd to keep BP close.
BP battled Coleville throughout the 4th period, cutting the lead to 6 with 4 minutes to go in the game, but a couple of late Coleville baskets mounted the deficit to the final score of 54-40.
Warrior coach Bob Church, returning to head coach after several years as assistant—” I was very pleased with the efforts of the girls. The girls hard work at passing passing has paid off, as we had 13 assists on 18 baskets. Seven different girls had at least one assist. They were being so unselfish.”

Grade  Big Pine Players                       Pts.    Rebs.    Assts.    Steals
10       Lauren Simpson                         25        6            2            3
11       AnahKee Mason                          8         8            2            2
11       Gena  Lewis                                   4         5            4            5
9       Cassie Meza                                  2         5            1            2
12       Kaylee Simpson                         1         6            1            1
10       Aurora Toledo—didn’t score, but had 5 rebs and an asst, to go with great defense
9        Gabby Meza—didn’t score, but had 4 rebs, 2 assts, and 2 steals
9        Raven Duckey—despite being sick most of the week, contributed on “D” and had 2 rebs

Big Pine Lady Warriors     51
Sage Ridge (Reno)                 23

Disappointed by the score but not by their play the previous night, the Lady Warriors new the game against Sage Ridge was one not to be taken lightly. Last year, BP defeated Sage Ridge by 12 and the girls were ready to even their non-league season record at 1-1.

The 1st quarter saw Sophomore Lauren Simpson keep her hot hand, as she scored 9 of BP’s 15 points. She would end up with a game high 22 points. Gena Lewis added 4 points to go along with her 3 first period assists. Freshman Cassie Meza tossed in 2 points in the first period.

Five different girls scored for BP in the 2nd period and then in the 3rd, Lauren Simpson again scored 9 to lead the Lady Warriors. Cassie Meza contributed 4, Gena Lewis 2 and Freshmen Gabby Meza helping with a free throw in the 3rd for BP’s 16 points.

In the 4th, Junior AnahKee Mason put in 4, Freshmen Raven Duckey 2, Gabby Meza 2 and Lauren Simpson 2 for BP.
Warrior Coach Bob Church— “Again, I was really pleased with the crisp passing the girls showed and I cannot ever remember a game in which a BP girl had 10 or more assists. Gena Lewis had and unbelievable afternoon with 10 assists, while 4 other girls had at least 2. We had 19 assists in our 24 baskets. Also, our three young Freshmen (Cassie Meza, Gabby Meza, and Raven Duckey) scored 15 combined points to go along with 11 rebounds.”

Grade   BP Players                    Pts.    Rebs.     Assts.     Steals
10        Lauren Simpson           22        5             1             3
9           Cassie Meza                    8        5              2            3
11        Gena Lewis                      8        6             10           7
11        AnahKee Mason          6        11             2           2
9        Gabby Meza                     5         4              2           3
9        Raven Duckey                   2         2              –            1
12       Kaylee Simpson—0 pts, but 4 rebs and went to the floor numerous times to tie up the opposition on loose ball possessions 10       Aurora Toledo— 0 points but 4 rebs, and also great hustle on the defensive side

Big Pine goes to 1-1 on the young season and will play Lone Pine Girl’s JV Monday night in Lone Pine, game starting at 5:00 PM.

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Thursday Hoops Recap

Lone Pine takes down Palmdale, Bishop teams open with wins

By Arnie Palu

Lone Pine Boys
The Golden Eagles improve to 2-0 on the season with a win over Palmdale 62-58. Lone Pine will play Paraclete tonight (Friday, December 4th) in pool play at Rosamond High School’s Roadrunner Classic. Lone Pine’s win over Palmdale, a school with an enrollment of 2,600, is certainly an impressive victory. Ryan Cappello (22 points) was the top scorer for the Golden Eagles with UC Irvine bound Brad Greene notching another double-double with 21 points and 12 rebounds.

Individual Statistics
Ryan Cappello, 22 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists.
Brad Greene, 21 poitns, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks.
Garrett Sullivan, 6 points, 4 rebounds.
Kishan Bhakta, 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals.
Adrian Gonzalez, 5 points.
Brandon Martinez, 5 points.

Bishop Union Boys
The Broncos are opening the 2015-2016 season in Hawthorne Nevada at the Mineral County High School’s Serpent Classic. Bronco Varsity basketball is under the direction of 1st year head coach Gordon Moose. Gordon moves up to the Varsity team after leading the Junior Varsity to an undefeated season a year ago. The Broncos won Thursday night 68-60 over White Pine High School (Ely, Nevada). Dru Allen and sophomore Tommy Ruelas both had a team high 15 points. The Broncos will continue at the Hawthorne tournament this weekend then return home for a Owens Valley showdown with Lone Pine on Tuesday, December 8th. Bishop will host Lone Pine at Gus Klekas Gymnasium.

Individual Statistics
Dru Allen, 15 points.
Tommy Ruelas, 15 points.
Brandon Forrest, 9 points.
Ziggy Armitage, 7 points.
Mike Molina, 7 points.
Anthony Vega, 7 points.
Daniel Olsen, 6 points.
Chucky Keller, 2 points.

Bishop Union Girls
Like the Bronco Boys, the Bishop Union High School Girls Varsity team is under new leadership. Coach Tara Auld is starting her first season as head coach. Bishop Union opened play in the Corcoran Tournament Thursday night with a strong win 45-23 over Granite Hills High School, Apple Valley.

Individual Statistics
Little Eva Lent, 12 points.
Sabrina Barlow, 10 points.
Topah Scherer, 8 points.
Cienna Martinez, 7 points.
Maria Jimenez, 6 points.
Sophia Thomas, 2 points.

cover photo by Gary Young, Bishop Union HS’s #14 Brandon Forrest (file photo)

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Lone Pine Basketball Opens Strong

Lone Pine downs Frazier Mt in opener

by Arnie Palu

The Lone Pine High School Golden Eagles Basketball team started the 2015-2016 season with an impressive 75-24 win over Frazier Mt.  Lone Pine is opening the season in the Rosamond Tournament.  Senior Ryan Cappello had a big opening night with 21 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.  Adrian Gonzalez, Brad Greene and Garrett Sullivan also contributed double digit points.  The competition gets tougher in the next round of the Rosamond tournament as Lone Pine will face off with Palmdale High School tonight (Thursday, December 3rd)
Lone Pine finished the 2014-2015 season with a 25-3 record, including a 14-0 record in the Desert Mountain league, advancing to the CIF-Southern Section Quarterfinals.  The Golden Eagles are coached by Scott Kemp.

Individual Statistics
Ryan Cappello, 21 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists.
Adrian Gonzalez, 18 points, 3 steals.
Bran Greene, 13 points, 16 rebounds, 7 blocks.
Garrett Sullivan, 12 points, 8 assists, 3 steals.
Brandon Martinez, 5 points.
Coltan Martin, 2 points.
Doug Moore, 2 points.
John Hall, 2 points.

Cover Photo by Gary Young.  #5 Ryan Cappello (file photo)

lone pine high school basketball, desert mountain league basketball, brad greene, ryan cappello, coach scott kemp, lone pine golden eagles

Dohnel Leads Bronco Soccer in win over Mammoth

Freshman leads Bishop Union in 13-0 win

by Arnie Palu

A Bronco 9th grader played a role in 9 goals Monday in Bishop Unions 13-0 win over Mammoth.   Freshman Katie Dohnel scored 5 goals and made 4 assists as Bishop Union opened the season with a road win at Mammoth.  Bishop Coach Manny Terrasas reports that Kaylyn Boxley added 3 goals and 1 assist, Brittney Santana had 2 goals, Ritz Garcia, Emeli Mora, and Danica Thornburg each scored once.  Karla Castilla recorded a pair of assists.   Coach Terrasas noted great play by Korie Boxley as well.  The Girls team will travel to the Eagle Cup this weekend.

The Bronco boys fell to Mammoth Monday 4-0.  First year varsity head coach Peter Thomsen noted strong performances turned in by Patrick Mitton on offense with Bryan Gonzales and Alan Torres playing well for the Bronco Defense.

bishop union high school soccer, bishop bronco sports, katie dohnel, high desert league soccer, patrick mitton