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Dodger Schedule

2015 Dodger Schedule

Dodgers Schedule, 2015.  All LA Dodger games are broadcast live in the greater Bishop area on AM 1230 KBOV.  AM 1230 is a proud member of the Dodger Radio Network.  All times are pacific, with the first posted time marking the beginning of the pregame show and the second time listed noting the time of the 1st pitch.


6/15/15 Monday Dodgers @ Texas 4:05p/5:05p
6/16/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Texas 4:05p/5:05p
6/17/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs Texas 6:10p/7:10p
6/18/15 Thursday Dodgers vs Texas 6:10p/7:10p
6/19/15 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6:10p/7:10p
6/20/15 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 3:15p/4:15p
6/21/15 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 4:05/5:05p
6/22/15 Monday Dodgers @ Chicago 4:05p/5:05p
6/23/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Chicago 4:05p/5:05p
6/24/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Chicago 4:05p/5:05p
6/25/15 Thursday Dodgers @ Chicago 10:20a/11:20a
6/26/15 Friday Dodgers @ Miami 3:10p/4:10p
6/27/15 Saturday Dodgers @ Miami 12:10p/1:10p
6/28/15 Sunday Dodgers @ Miami 9:10a/10:10a
6/29/15 Monday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:40p/6:40p
6/30/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:40p/6:40p

7/1/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:40p/6:40p
7/3/15 Friday Dodgers vs N.Y. Mets 6:10p/7:10p
7/4/15 Saturday Dodgers vs N.Y. Mets 3:15p/4:15p
7/5/15 Sunday Dodgers vs N.Y. Mets 12:10p/1:10p
7/6/15 Monday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6:10p/7:10p
7/7/15 Tuesday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6:10p/7:10p
7/8/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6:10p/7:10p
7/9/15 Thursday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6:10p/7:10p
7/10/15 Friday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6:10p/7:10p
7/11/15 Saturday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6:10p/7:10p
7/12/15 Sunday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 12:10p/1:10p
7/17/15 Friday Dodgers @ Washington 3:05p/4:05p
7/18/15 Saturday Dodgers @ Washington 12:05p/1:05p
7/19/15 Sunday Dodgers @ Washington 9:35a/10:35a
7/20/15 Monday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:10p/4:10p
7/21/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:10p/4:10p
7/22/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Atlanta 8:10a/9:10a
7/23/15 Thursday Dodgers @ N.Y. Mets 3:10p/4:10p
7/24/15 Friday Dodgers @ N.Y. Mets 3:10p/4:10p
7/25/15 Saturday Dodgers @ N.Y. Mets 3:10p/4:10p
7/26/15 Sunday Dodgers @ N.Y. Mets 9:10a/10:10a
7/28/15 Tuesday Dodgers vs Oakland 6:10p/7:10p
7/29/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs Oakland 6:10p/7:10p
7/31/15 Friday Dodgers vs Anaheim 6:10p/7:10p

8/1/15 Saturday Dodgers vs Anaheim 12:05p/1:05p
8/2/15 Sunday Dodgers vs Anaheim TBA/TBA
8/4/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3:05p/4:05p
8/5/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3:05p/4:05p
8/6/15 Thursday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 9:05a/10:05a
8/7/15 Friday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3:05p/4:05p
8/8/15 Saturday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 12:05p/1:05p
8/9/15 Sunday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 9:35a/10:35a
8/10/15 Monday Dodgers vs Washington 6:10p/7:10p
8/11/15 Tuesday Dodgers vs Washington 6:10p/7:10p
8/12/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs Washington 6:10p/7:10p
8/13/15 Thursday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6:10p/7:10p
8/14/15 Friday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6:10p/7:10p
8/15/15 Saturday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 5:10p/6:10p
8/16/15 Sunday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 12:10p/1:10p
8/18/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Oakland 6:05p/7:05p
8/19/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Oakland 11:35a/12:35p
8/21/15 Friday Dodgers @ Houston 4:10p/5:10p
8/22/15 Saturday Dodgers @ Houston 3:10p/4:10p
8/23/15 Sunday Dodgers @ Houston 10:10a/11:10a
8/25/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 3:10p/4:10p
8/26/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 3:10p/4:10p
8/27/15 Thursday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 8:35a/9:35a
8/28/15 Friday Dodgers vs Chicago 6:10p/7:10p
8/29/15 Saturday Dodgers vs Chicago 5:10p/6:10p
8/30/15 Sunday Dodgers vs Chicago TBA/TBA
8/31/15 Monday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6:10p/7:10p

9/1/15 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6:10p/7:10p
9/2/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6:10p/7:10p
9/3/15 Thursday Dodgers @ San Diego 6:10p/7:10p
9/4/15 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6:10p/7:10p
9/5/15 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 4:40p/5:40p
9/6/15 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:10p/1:10p
9/7/15 Monday Dodgers @ Anaheim 5:05p/6:05p
9/8/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6:05p/7:05p
9/9/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6:05p/7:05p
9/11/15 Friday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:40p/6:40p
9/12/15 Saturday Dodgers @ Arizona 4:10p/5:10p
9/13/15 Sunday Dodgers @ Arizona 12:10p/1:10p
9/14/15 Monday Dodgers vs Colorado 6:10p/7:10p
9/15/15 Tuesday Dodgers vs Colorado 6:10p/7:10p
9/16/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs Colorado 6:10p/7:10p
9/18/15 Friday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6:10p/7:10p
9/19/15 Saturday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 5:10p/6:10p
9/20/15 Sunday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 12:10p/1:10p
9/21/15 Monday Dodgers vs Arizona 6:10p/7:10p
9/22/15 Tuesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6:10p/7:10p
9/23/15 Wednesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6:10p/7:10p
9/24/15 Thursday Dodgers vs Arizona TBA/TBA
9/25/15 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:10p/5:10p
9/26/15 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:10p/5:10p
9/27/15 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 12:10p/1:10p
9/28/15 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6:15p/7:15p
9/29/15 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6:15p/7:15p
9/30/15 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6:15p/7:15p

10/1/15 Thursday Dodgers @ San Francisco 11:45a/12:45p
10/2/15 Friday Dodgers vs San Diego 6:10p/7:10p
10/3/15 Saturday Dodgers vs San Diego 5:10p/6:10p
10/4/15 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego 11:10a/12:10p

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Dodger Spring Training Games on KBOV

Broadcast Schedule for Dodger Baseball on KBOV

KBOV, AM1230 will proudly broadcast 14 LA Dodger Spring Training baseball games this season.  The schedule jump-starts with 5 straight days of baseball, March 4th through the 8th.

3/4/15 Dodgers vs White Sox 11:30 pregame, 12:05 first pitch
3/5/15 Dodgers @ White Sox 11:30 pregame, 12:05 first pitch
3/6/15 Dodgers vs Mariners  11:30 pregame, 12:05 first pitch
3/7/15 Dodgers @ Cleveland 11:30 pregame, 12:05 first pitch
3/8/15 Dodgers vs Brewers 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/13/15 Dodgers vs Reds 6:30 pregame, 7:05 first pitch
3/14/15 Dodgers vs Cleveland 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/15/15 Dodgers @ Mariners 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/19/15 Dodgers vs Angels 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/21/15 Dodgers @ Rockies 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/22/15 Dodgers vs Cleveland 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/27/15 Dodgers vs Giants 6:30 pregame, 7:05 first pitch
3/28/15 Dodgers @ Angels 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch
3/29/15 Dodgers @ Giants 12:30 pregame, 1:05 first pitch

The Dodgers close the exhibition season with the traditional three game set with the Angels, the “Freeway Series”.  All three games with the Angels will be on KBOV.  The series will be played April 2nd through 4th with the first two games in Anaheim and the final game in Dodger stadium on Saturday, April 4th.  The Dodgers open the regular season on Monday, April 6th hosting the new look San Diego Padres.  The 2015 Padres feature former Dodger All-Star Matt Kemp.  All Dodger regular season games will be broadcast live on AM 1230 KBOV.

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KIBS KBOV Owner Lauren Brandt with LA Dodger Matt Kemp.
KIBS KBOV Owner Lauren Brandt with LA Dodger Matt Kemp.


Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, California


KIBS/KBOV Owners Steve and Lauren with Legendary LA Dodger Announcer Vin Scully!
KIBS/KBOV Owners Steve and Lauren with Legendary LA Dodger Announcer Vin Scully!


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