Bronco Varsity Football Victorious

Big Win For Bronco Varsity Football

The motto of this years Varsity football team is “Family”. The Family had each others backs Friday night in Yerington Nevada. The Bronco boys rolled to a 29-12 victory.

Luke McClean

Behind the arm and legs of Sophomore QB Luke McClean, who went 6 for 9 passing and ran for 79 yards on 12 attempts, the Bronco offense was clicking on the first game of the season.

Mike Molina
Molina scores, gets mauled by Tristan Valle.

Mike Molina is the new running back for the Broncos. and Molina took over the game with his efforts. He rushed for 108 yards with three touchdowns.

Wesley Pettet, first Varsity TD

Sophomore Wesley Pettet scored his first ever Varsity TD on Friday Night. Pettet shined on defense with 6 tackles against Yerington.

Bronco Defense in action
Nowhere to run for Yerington’s Sophomore QB Donavan Coplin.

The Bronco defense looked solid all game long.  Edward Piper and Hunter Beall led all tacklers with 9 each.

Parra getting ready to deliver some punishment.

Lorenzo Parra was strong on both sides of the ball.  Parra had 2 key receptions in the 4th quarter on offense which kept the Bronco offense on the field and kept the ball away from Yerington which had some momentum in the second half.

jayden Braithwaite caught 2 passes from McClean.
Pettet avoiding the tackle from Yerington star Steven Keats.

Led by head coach Arnie Palu, this Bronco “Family” shined under the Friday Night Lights in Yerington Nevada. Next up – Boron for the Home Opener Friday Night, September 8th in Bishop.

Photos by Gary Young photography

you can check out all of my photos from JV and Varsity at this link



The Bishop Broncos host Boron, tonight, for their home opener at John Schwab Field. There is no JV game. Kick-off is set for 7pm and all the action can be heard on 1230AM KBOV, with Deston Rogers and Rock Baker.

Out of the area? Listen online at

The Broncos come into the game 1-0 after winning at Yerington on August 25th!

Here is a list of the remainng scheduled games to be aired on KBOV 1230 AM:

September 8th: @ home vs. Boron
September 15th: @ Ontario Christian
September 22nd: @ home vs. Silver Valley
September 29th: @ home vs. Yosemite
October 6th: @ home vs. Kern Valley
October 13th: @ Rosamond*
October 20th: @ Vasquez*
October 27th @ Cal City*

Nov 3rd: @ Kennedy High School (Delano)


*Denotes HDL Games*
**Games subject to change**


Quarter Final Action at the City Park

The Lady Bronco’s fell short in CIF Quarterfinal action yesterday at the City Park vs a tough Firebaugh team by a final score of 4-2.

Chay Johnson pitched a strong 7 innings giving up 3 hits with 6 walks, striking out 7 Firebaugh batters.

At the plate:

Shawnau Johnson was 3 for 4

Hannah Waasdorp was 2 for 4 with a triple and a RBI

Chay Johnson was 2 for 3 with a double and a RBI

Haley Hersley went 1 for 3 in the game


Chay Johnson


Peyton Tetrick


Haley Hersley


Vic Begay


Chay Johnson


Bronco infield


Hannah Waasdorp



Broncos VS Roadrunners

The Bishop Broncos hosted Rosamond for a High Desert league game on Friday at Bishop High School. Bronco pitcher Cade Pascale was tagged for 3 runs in the first two innings and then found his groove and pitched well.

Cade Pascale delivering in the 1st inning.

The Bronco batting was the downfall to this match up as Bishop came to the plate 29 times and managed just one hit by Druw Allen.

Brodie Maloney sawing off the top of the ball for a ground out.
Cade facing off with the Roadrunner’s # 9 hitter.
Druw Allen getting the only hit of the game for the Broncos.
Michael Kubiak popping one up.
Mike Molina stranded at 3rd base.
A fine put out by Maloney to Kubiak on this base stealing attempt.
Errant throw drags Lorenzo Parra of the bag.
Maloney on the rundown..
With Kubiak making the tag!
Parra getting back to the bag on this pick off attempt.

The Desert Scorpions was not able to field a team for Tuesday’s game VS the Bishop Broncos, So the next game is Friday against Cal City at Bishop High School. First pitch scheduled for 3:15pm.



Posted by Seth Conners

The Bishop Lady Broncos defeated Boron on Friday by a score of 16 to 5.  Chay Johnson pitched another complete game going 7 innings, giving up 4 hits and striking out 5.  She also went 3 for 4 at the plate with a homer and 4 RBI.  The lady broncos were down 5 to 3 after 4 innings, but they exploded in the 5th with 8 runs on 8 hits.  They’re now 7-1-1 on the year.

Shawnau Johnson: 5 for 5, 3 triples, 4 RBI

Alondra Ojeda: 2 for 5, double

Peyton Tetrick: 2 for 5

Hannah Waasdorp: 1 for 3, home run, 2 RBI

Drew Dondero: 1 for 4, double

Julie Cepeda: 1 for 2

Vic Begay: 1 for 4



Posted by Seth Conners

The Bishop Broncos had their three game win streak snapped on Friday, by Boron High, by a score of 10 to 0. The Broncos only two hits of the game came from Brodie Moroney and Blake Johnston.  The game was called after 5 innings for the sake of mercy.

Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 Schedule

4/3/17 Monday Dodgers vs San Diego 14-3 DODGERS
4/4/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Diego 4-0 PADRES
4/5/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Diego 3-1 DODGERS
4/6/17 Thursday Dodgers vs San Diego 10-2 DODGERS
4/7/17 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 2-1 ROCKIES
4/8/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4-2 ROCKIES
4/9/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 10-6 DODGERS
4/10/17 Monday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 3-2 CUBS
4/12/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 2-0 DODGERS
4/13/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 4-0 CUBS
4/14/17 Friday Dodgers vs Arizona 7-1 DIAMONDBACKS
4/15/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Arizona 8-4 DODGERS
4/16/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Arizona 3-1 DIAMONDBACKS
4/17/17 Monday Dodgers vs Arizona 4-2 DIAMONDBACKS
4/18/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Colorado 4-3 ROCKIES
4/19/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Colorado 4-2 DODGERS
4/21/17 Friday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
4/22/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Arizona 4p/5:10p
4/23/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Arizona 12p/1:10p
4/24/17 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/25/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/26/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/27/17 Thursday Dodgers @ San Francisco 11:30a/12:45p
4/28/17 Friday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6p/7:10p
4/29/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 5p/6:10p
4/30/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 12p/1:10p
5/1/17 Monday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
5/2/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
5/3/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
5/5/17 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
5/6/17 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 4:30p/5:40p
5/7/17 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:30p/1:40p
5/8/17 Monday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
5/9/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
5/10/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
5/11/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
5/12/17 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
5/13/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
5/14/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p
5/15/17 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
5/16/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
5/17/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 11:30a/12:45p
5/18/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
5/19/17 Friday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
5/20/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
5/21/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Miami 12p/1:10p
5/23/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
5/24/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
5/25/17 Thursday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
5/26/17 Friday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 6p/7:10p
5/27/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 3p/4:15p
5/28/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 12p/1:10p
5/29/17 Monday Dodgers @ St. Louis 10a/11:15a
5/30/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ St. Louis 3p/4:05p
5/31/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ St. Louis 4p/5:15p
6/1/17 Thursday Dodgers @ St. Louis 9:30a/10:45a
6/2/17 Friday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 4p/5:10p
6/3/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 12p/1:10p
6/4/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 10a/11:10a
6/5/17 Monday Dodgers vs Washington 6p/7:10p
6/6/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Washington 6p/7:10p
6/7/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Washington 11a/12:10p
6/9/17 Friday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6p/7:10p
6/10/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6p/7:10p
6/11/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 12p/1:10p
6/13/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Cleveland 3p/4:10p
6/14/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Cleveland 3p/4:10p
6/15/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Cleveland 8a/9:10a
6/16/17 Friday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 3p/4:10p
6/17/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 12p/1:10p
6/18/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 9a/10:10a
6/19/17 Monday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/20/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/21/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/22/17 Thursday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/23/17 Friday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
6/24/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
6/25/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Colorado 12p/1:10p
6/26/17 Monday Dodgers vs Anaheim 6p/7:10p
6/27/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Anaheim 6p/7:10p
6/28/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6p/7:07p
6/29/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6p/7:07p
6/30/17 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/1/17 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/2/17 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:30p/1:40p
7/4/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Arizona 5p/6:10p
7/5/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
7/6/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
7/7/17 Friday Dodgers vs Kansas City 6p/7:10p
7/8/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Kansas City 3p/4:15p
7/9/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Kansas City 12p/1:10p
7/14/17 Friday Dodgers @ Miami 3p/4:10p
7/15/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Miami 3p/4:10p
7/16/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Miami 9a/10:10a
7/18/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Chicago White Sox 4p/5:10p
7/19/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Chicago White Sox 4p/5:10p
7/20/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Atlanta 6p/7:10p
7/21/17 Friday Dodgers vs Atlanta 6p/7:10p
7/22/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Atlanta 5p/6:10p
7/23/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Atlanta 12p/1:10p
7/24/17 Monday Dodgers vs Minnesota 6p/7:10p
7/25/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Minnesota 6p/7:10p
7/26/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Minnesota 6p/7:10p
7/28/17 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
7/29/17 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:05p
7/30/17 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:10p
8/1/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
8/2/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
8/3/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
8/4/17 Friday Dodgers @ New York Mets 3p/4:10p
8/5/17 Saturday Dodgers @ New York Mets 12p/1:05p
8/6/17 Sunday Dodgers @ New York Mets 9a/10:10a
8/8/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/9/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/10/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/11/17 Friday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
8/12/17 Saturday Dodgers vs San Diego 5p/6:10p
8/13/17 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego 12p/1:10p
8/15/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox 6p/7:10p
8/16/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox 6p/7:10p
8/18/17 Friday Dodgers @ Detroit 3p/4:10p
8/19/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Detroit 12p/1:05p
8/20/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Detroit 9a/10:10a
8/21/17 Monday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
8/22/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
8/23/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
8/24/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 12p/1:05p
8/25/17 Friday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6p/7:10p
8/26/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 5p/6:10p
8/27/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 12p/1:10p
8/29/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/30/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/31/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Arizona 11:30a/12:40p
9/1/17 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/2/17 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 4:30p/5:40p
9/3/17 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:30p/1:40p
9/4/17 Monday Dodgers vs Arizona 4p/5:10p
9/5/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
9/6/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
9/7/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/8/17 Friday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/9/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Colorado 5p/6:10p
9/10/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Colorado 12p/1:10p
9/11/17 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/12/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/13/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/15/17 Friday Dodgers @ Washington 3p/4:05p
9/16/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Washington 9a/10:05a
9/17/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Washington 9:30a/10:35a
9/18/17 Monday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
9/19/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
9/20/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
9/21/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 9a/10:05a
9/22/17 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
9/23/17 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 5p/6:10p
9/24/17 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:10p
9/25/17 Monday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/26/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/27/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/29/17 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
9/30/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
10/1/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p


Lone Pine softball team defeats Desert Christian in perfect weather on Saturday

Posted by Seth Conners

Final Score- LP 12  D.C. 5.
Juliann Jones pitched 5 innings:  no hits and 8 strike outs.
Celia Ray pitched for 2 innings: 5 hits and 3 strike outs
Juliann Jones- 3/4 ….2 homeruns and 3 rbi
Celia Ray 1/4
Daisy Gutierrez- 3/4
Jessianne Joiner 3/4 and 1 rbi
Mariah Button  2/3 …..  triple and 4 rbi
Sarah Daughtry 1/1
Taylor Corona 1/4
Shelby Chavez 2/4 and 1 rbi
Berenice Gutierrez  1 rbi
Rebecca Tsosie 1/2


2017 City League basketball champions

Posted by Seth Conners

The City of Bishop would like to congratulate the 2017 City League Basketball Champions, High Country Lumber. High Country Lumber had a winning season record of 8-0. The championship game was played against Sweetwater with a final score of 71-56.

In the picture form left to right, Michael Allen, Danen Spoonhunter, Joseph Chartraw, Topah Spoonhunter, Eugen HeavyRunner, Darren Delgado, Troy Spoonhunter and Brad Weaver not pictured Simon Barlow and Derick Piper.