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Broncos VS Roadrunners

The Bishop Broncos hosted Rosamond for a High Desert league game on Friday at Bishop High School. Bronco pitcher Cade Pascale was tagged for 3 runs in the first two innings and then found his groove and pitched well.

Cade Pascale delivering in the 1st inning.

The Bronco batting was the downfall to this match up as Bishop came to the plate 29 times and managed just one hit by Druw Allen.

Brodie Maloney sawing off the top of the ball for a ground out.
Cade facing off with the Roadrunner’s # 9 hitter.
Druw Allen getting the only hit of the game for the Broncos.
Michael Kubiak popping one up.
Mike Molina stranded at 3rd base.
A fine put out by Maloney to Kubiak on this base stealing attempt.
Errant throw drags Lorenzo Parra of the bag.
Maloney on the rundown..
With Kubiak making the tag!
Parra getting back to the bag on this pick off attempt.

The Desert Scorpions was not able to field a team for Tuesday’s game VS the Bishop Broncos, So the next game is Friday against Cal City at Bishop High School. First pitch scheduled for 3:15pm.

Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 Schedule

4/3/17 Monday Dodgers vs San Diego 14-3 DODGERS
4/4/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Diego 4-0 PADRES
4/5/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Diego 3-1 DODGERS
4/6/17 Thursday Dodgers vs San Diego 10-2 DODGERS
4/7/17 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 2-1 ROCKIES
4/8/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4-2 ROCKIES
4/9/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 10-6 DODGERS
4/10/17 Monday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 3-2 CUBS
4/12/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 2-0 DODGERS
4/13/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs 4-0 CUBS
4/14/17 Friday Dodgers vs Arizona 7-1 DIAMONDBACKS
4/15/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Arizona 8-4 DODGERS
4/16/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Arizona 3-1 DIAMONDBACKS
4/17/17 Monday Dodgers vs Arizona 4-2 DIAMONDBACKS
4/18/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Colorado 4-3 ROCKIES
4/19/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Colorado 4-2 DODGERS
4/21/17 Friday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
4/22/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Arizona 4p/5:10p
4/23/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Arizona 12p/1:10p
4/24/17 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/25/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/26/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
4/27/17 Thursday Dodgers @ San Francisco 11:30a/12:45p
4/28/17 Friday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 6p/7:10p
4/29/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 5p/6:10p
4/30/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Philadelphia 12p/1:10p
5/1/17 Monday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
5/2/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
5/3/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
5/5/17 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
5/6/17 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 4:30p/5:40p
5/7/17 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:30p/1:40p
5/8/17 Monday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
5/9/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
5/10/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Pittsburgh 6p/7:10p
5/11/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
5/12/17 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4:30p/5:40p
5/13/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
5/14/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p
5/15/17 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
5/16/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
5/17/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 11:30a/12:45p
5/18/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
5/19/17 Friday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
5/20/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Miami 6p/7:10p
5/21/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Miami 12p/1:10p
5/23/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
5/24/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
5/25/17 Thursday Dodgers vs St. Louis 6p/7:10p
5/26/17 Friday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 6p/7:10p
5/27/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 3p/4:15p
5/28/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs 12p/1:10p
5/29/17 Monday Dodgers @ St. Louis 10a/11:15a
5/30/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ St. Louis 3p/4:05p
5/31/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ St. Louis 4p/5:15p
6/1/17 Thursday Dodgers @ St. Louis 9:30a/10:45a
6/2/17 Friday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 4p/5:10p
6/3/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 12p/1:10p
6/4/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Milwaukee 10a/11:10a
6/5/17 Monday Dodgers vs Washington 6p/7:10p
6/6/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Washington 6p/7:10p
6/7/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Washington 11a/12:10p
6/9/17 Friday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6p/7:10p
6/10/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 6p/7:10p
6/11/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Cincinnati 12p/1:10p
6/13/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Cleveland 3p/4:10p
6/14/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Cleveland 3p/4:10p
6/15/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Cleveland 8a/9:10a
6/16/17 Friday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 3p/4:10p
6/17/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 12p/1:10p
6/18/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Cincinnati 9a/10:10a
6/19/17 Monday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/20/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/21/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/22/17 Thursday Dodgers vs New York Mets 6p/7:10p
6/23/17 Friday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
6/24/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
6/25/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Colorado 12p/1:10p
6/26/17 Monday Dodgers vs Anaheim 6p/7:10p
6/27/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Anaheim 6p/7:10p
6/28/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6p/7:07p
6/29/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Anaheim 6p/7:07p
6/30/17 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/1/17 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
7/2/17 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:30p/1:40p
7/4/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Arizona 5p/6:10p
7/5/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
7/6/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
7/7/17 Friday Dodgers vs Kansas City 6p/7:10p
7/8/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Kansas City 3p/4:15p
7/9/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Kansas City 12p/1:10p
7/14/17 Friday Dodgers @ Miami 3p/4:10p
7/15/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Miami 3p/4:10p
7/16/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Miami 9a/10:10a
7/18/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Chicago White Sox 4p/5:10p
7/19/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Chicago White Sox 4p/5:10p
7/20/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Atlanta 6p/7:10p
7/21/17 Friday Dodgers vs Atlanta 6p/7:10p
7/22/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Atlanta 5p/6:10p
7/23/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Atlanta 12p/1:10p
7/24/17 Monday Dodgers vs Minnesota 6p/7:10p
7/25/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Minnesota 6p/7:10p
7/26/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Minnesota 6p/7:10p
7/28/17 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
7/29/17 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:05p
7/30/17 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:10p
8/1/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
8/2/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
8/3/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Atlanta 3:30p/4:35p
8/4/17 Friday Dodgers @ New York Mets 3p/4:10p
8/5/17 Saturday Dodgers @ New York Mets 12p/1:05p
8/6/17 Sunday Dodgers @ New York Mets 9a/10:10a
8/8/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/9/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/10/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/11/17 Friday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
8/12/17 Saturday Dodgers vs San Diego 5p/6:10p
8/13/17 Sunday Dodgers vs San Diego 12p/1:10p
8/15/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox 6p/7:10p
8/16/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox 6p/7:10p
8/18/17 Friday Dodgers @ Detroit 3p/4:10p
8/19/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Detroit 12p/1:05p
8/20/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Detroit 9a/10:10a
8/21/17 Monday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
8/22/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
8/23/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 3p/4:05p
8/24/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Pittsburgh 12p/1:05p
8/25/17 Friday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 6p/7:10p
8/26/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 5p/6:10p
8/27/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Milwaukee 12p/1:10p
8/29/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/30/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:30p/6:40p
8/31/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Arizona 11:30a/12:40p
9/1/17 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/2/17 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 4:30p/5:40p
9/3/17 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 12:30p/1:40p
9/4/17 Monday Dodgers vs Arizona 4p/5:10p
9/5/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
9/6/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs Arizona 6p/7:10p
9/7/17 Thursday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/8/17 Friday Dodgers vs Colorado 6p/7:10p
9/9/17 Saturday Dodgers vs Colorado 5p/6:10p
9/10/17 Sunday Dodgers vs Colorado 12p/1:10p
9/11/17 Monday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/12/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/13/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 6p/7:15p
9/15/17 Friday Dodgers @ Washington 3p/4:05p
9/16/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Washington 9a/10:05a
9/17/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Washington 9:30a/10:35a
9/18/17 Monday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
9/19/17 Tuesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
9/20/17 Wednesday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 3p/4:05p
9/21/17 Thursday Dodgers @ Philadelphia 9a/10:05a
9/22/17 Friday Dodgers vs San Francisco 6p/7:10p
9/23/17 Saturday Dodgers vs San Francisco 5p/6:10p
9/24/17 Sunday Dodgers vs San Francisco 12p/1:10p
9/25/17 Monday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/26/17 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/27/17 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Diego 6p/7:10p
9/29/17 Friday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
9/30/17 Saturday Dodgers @ Colorado 4p/5:10p
10/1/17 Sunday Dodgers @ Colorado 11a/12:10p

Bronco Varsity Baseball vs Mammoth

Bishop Bronco’s scored a home game victory over the Mammoth Huskies on Friday, March 17th with the final score of 7-6.

Bronco Pitcher Justin Yates

Mammoth tagged Yates with two runs in the top of the 1st inning putting the Bronco’s behind early on.

Brodie Maloney tries to make the tag on Mammoth’s Eriko Guzman.

After three innings the Bronco’s were down by a score of 4-3.

Druw Allen making the tag…

In the 4th inning due to some questionable base running decisions by the Huskies, the Bronco’s pulled off a triple play to get out of what could have been a big inning for Mammoth.

Lukas Di Angelo getting involved in the triple play.

Bronco bats came alive in the 5th inning and put the home team ahead for good.

Lorenzo Parra has his eyes (and bat) on the ball.
Brodie Maloney going 1 for 3 at the plate.

Bronco’s added a run in the 6th, going up 7-5 on the Huskies. Mammoth did add one in the top of the 7th but that was not enough. Bronco’s win 7-6 !!

Individual offensive stats

Lorenzo Parra – 2 for 3 scoring twice

Hunter Wassdorp was 1 for 3 with a RBI

Michael Kubiak – 1 for 2 scoring twice

Druw Allen – 1 for 4 with 2 RBI’s

Brodie Maloney – 1 for 3 with a couple RBI’s

Next up for the Bronco’s is Lone pine on March 21st.

Photos by Gary Young


Press release from Tawni Thomson, Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau.

The Bishop Chamber of Commerce regrettably announces cancellation of the 2017 Blake Jones Trout Derby which was scheduled for March 11th. A unique set of circumstances beyond the chamber’s control led to the decision.
On Friday, February 24th Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rescinded its permission to hold the event at Pleasant Valley Reservoir due to public safety concerns. Strong winter storms have caused extremely high water level in the reservoir and dangerously high water flows in the Owens River. The chamber immediately began working with LADWP, Inyo County, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife seeking other options. Millpond was suggested as a safe alternative; however, on Monday, February 27th CADFW informed the Bishop Chamber that Millpond is not a viable location. According to CADFW regulations, Millpond is not open to trout fishing this time of year.
“Since LADWP issued the public safety warning for PVR and the Owens River, and no safe alternative is available, the Chamber’s Executive Committee has no choice, but to cancel the event for this year,” explains Tawni Thomson, Bishop Chamber CEO.
This is not a decision taken lightly. The chamber had been making plans for many months and invested several thousand dollars in advertising and prizes. They also understand the financial impact to the local economy; however public safety must be the highest priority.
The 2017 event was to be the 50th Annual Blake Jones Trout Derby and the Bishop Chamber had many new and fun activities planned to celebrate the milestone. “We’ve decided not to view this as a total cancellation. We will still have the 50th Anniversary, it will just be in 2018,” says April Leeson, Chamber Event Coordinator.
While the chamber is disappointed, they are not upset with LADWP or CADFW. “It was wonderful to see representatives from all agencies working so hard to try to save the derby,” Thomson states. “We really appreciate everyone’s suggestions and sincere efforts.”
Preregistered derby contestants will have all fees returned. “It will take us a few weeks to process the refunds and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding,” explains Thomson.
Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau
690 N. Main Street
Bishop, CA 93514



One of the highest awards a local Lions Club can bestow upon one of its members is the Melvin Jones Fellowship, named after the founder of Lions International in Chicago in 1917. The award is actually an investment made by a local Lions Club through its headquarters in Chicago for international programs aimed at vision and hearing loss prevention and treatment, fighting global diabetes, hunger reduction for needy children, environmental improvement and solving pediatric cancer.

The Bishop Lions Club’s most recent Melvin Jones Scholarship Award is 2013-2014 Past President Bruce Kingsbury. Kingsbury was presented the award by current club president John Wooley. Kingsbury joins 40 other Bishop Lions who have received the award over the club’s almost 60 years of community presence and service. Special Diamond Progressive Melvin Jones Foundation awards have been given to Lions Janet Lowney in 2014 and the late Past District 4L-! Governor Ray Schaaf in 1991.

Kingbury joined the Bishop Lions Club in 1996 while still teaching at Palisade Glacier High School. Following his retirement in 2009, Bruce became more active in the clubs many fundraising activities, including working the food booth at the fairgrounds during Mule Days and the Tr-County Fair.

While working his way up the volunteer ranks within the club, did stints serving on the Board of Directors as 3rd Vice President, 1st VP and President. Kingsbury is a UCLA graduate in education, and is an Air Force veteran 1970-1975. He and his wife Maggie live in West Bishop and work and enjoy community activities and serving Lions International. Members of the public of the public with questions are invited to call President John Wooley at 760 872-3239 or Club Secretary Janey Lowney at 760 873-7060.



February 1, 2017

According to a press release from Bishop Police Department, last night at about 8:30 PM, a BPD Sergeant on patrol noticed an agitated male in front of businesses on the 100 block of S. Main St. Upon contacting the man, the Sergeant recognized him as Benjamin Bloom. While investigating further, the Sergeant determined Bloom was under the influence of a stimulant-type drug.

Bloom sensing an arrest challenged the Officers and began fighting with them. During the intense struggle, the suspect attempted several times to remove the Officer’s gun from its holster. The Sergeant and the Officer sustained damaged equipment and a minor injury.
27-year-old Bloom was taken to the hospital for medical clearance and then booked into the Inyo County Jail on the following charges:
69(a) PC (Felony): Threats or violence to deter police from performing official duty; resisting by force or violence
148(d) PC (Felony): Resisting, attempt to take firearm from Peace Officer
243(b) PC (Misd.): Battery on a Peace Officer
Anyone having witnessed Bloom’s conduct or this event, please contact the Bishop Police Department at (760) 873-5866.




In light of the snow and rain accumulation that has occurred within the Town of Mammoth Lakes during the last week, the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department wishes to remind residents of several life saving items.  These include the accumulation of large amounts of snow/ice sitting on roofs, the blocking of vents by snow accumulations, maintaining clear emergency egress doors and windows, the maintenance needed to safely use propane in snow country, and request for residents in own to keep hydrants available for use.

With the large accumulations of snow, especially very wet snow, the roofs in the local community are supporting a tremendous load. Occupants need to determine if the weight of the snow that is resting on their roofs should be dealt with. Also, when temperatures increase, roofs are going to experience sliding or icicle buildup. Tremendous amounts of weight can come cascading off of a roof without any warning. The public is advised to avoid areas of roof deposition and falling icicles when walking and carefully chose your parking spots.

Also, with the increasing snowbanks around town, be very careful with where children play, as the snow slides off the steep banks and snow removal equipment will be working the streets and may not see children playing in the banks. Also, intersections are becoming difficult to see approaching vehicles and pedestrians, please proceed with caution at each intersection.

The Fire Department wishes to remind everyone the Fire Code requires all bedrooms to have two means of exiting. If you own a complex or live in a rental/commercial unit, the owner is responsible to keep these exits open. The Fire Department will also be looking for infractions of this code violation. For those homeowners that use propane, keep the top of the tank dug out to allow quick access to the shutoff valve, make sure that vents are clear and able to function properly, and if you should smell propane, immediately evacuate the structure and call 911.

Lastly, there are fire hydrants located throughout town that are used by the fire department in the event of a fire. The fire department is requesting interested individuals to routinely shovel out the hydrant nearest to their homes to help out. If you would like any additional information on these topics, please feel free to call the Fire Station at any time at 934-2300.





By Seth Conners

City Leaders met Monday night in Bishop. At the meeting, the City Council approved sending a letter to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commissioners, outlining some needs and concerns regarding lease agreements in the Owens Valley, and specifically, the town of Bishop. For the last twelve months, the City of Bishop has acted as an informal Liaison between DWP and local lease holders, concerning the lack of lease transfer-ability and a desire from locals to purchase properties owned but not being used by DWP and Los Angeles.  It’s felt by many in the community that longstanding agreement practices between LADWP and locals in Bishop  have worked well in the past, but are now being tossed aside because they’re considered to be at odds with competitive bidding requirements in the Los Angeles City Charter. The letter addresses and outlines several key issues deemed crucial by locals to help develop more comprehensive land use policies that support the people of the Owens Valley and the economy of Inyo County moving forward. To view a draft of the letter, click on the link below.




Alex Vasquez Jr. was born on April 27th, 1967. He passed away on January 2nd, 2017. A traditional Cry Dance will be held on January 7th. The cry dance will take place at 8 p.m. at Alex’s home, 564 North Winuba Lane in Bishop. A non-burial service will be held on Sunday January 8th. The Service will take place at 11 a.m. at the Barlow Lane Gym at 390 North Barlow Lane in Bishop. A pot luck luncheon will follow shortly after the service. In lieu of flowers or donations to the family, the request you make a donation to either The Veterans Helping Veterans or The Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance. For further information please call 760-920-1177 or 209-992-9485.



Chuck was born in Bishop on January 12th, 1926 to Charles and Lenna Matlick. He was raised on the Matlick ranch along with his sister, Grace. With the passing of his parents, Grace became his caretaker and guardian.

Chuck will always be remembered for his kind heart, helpful hands, and childlike soul. He was a friend to all he knew. He worked many years as a hired hand for friends and family in and around Bishop. He spent countless hours working with the crew at the fairground preparing for all events held there, including mule Days since it’s inception in 1969. One of his favorite things to do was ride shotgun in the big water tank truck, always with a big grin on his face. Chuck spent the last several years of his life as a resident of the Bishop Care Center, where he made many friends. He passed away peacefully there in his sleep on December 16th, 2016.

Chuck was preceded in death by his parents, his sister Grace and her husband, Speedy Wofford, he is survived by his nephew, Donald Wofford, niece Carol Ontai, four grand-nieces, Trina, Tessa, Michelle, and Lenna, their spouses and children.