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In light of the snow and rain accumulation that has occurred within the Town of Mammoth Lakes during the last week, the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department wishes to remind residents of several life saving items.  These include the accumulation of large amounts of snow/ice sitting on roofs, the blocking of vents by snow accumulations, maintaining clear emergency egress doors and windows, the maintenance needed to safely use propane in snow country, and request for residents in own to keep hydrants available for use.

With the large accumulations of snow, especially very wet snow, the roofs in the local community are supporting a tremendous load. Occupants need to determine if the weight of the snow that is resting on their roofs should be dealt with. Also, when temperatures increase, roofs are going to experience sliding or icicle buildup. Tremendous amounts of weight can come cascading off of a roof without any warning. The public is advised to avoid areas of roof deposition and falling icicles when walking and carefully chose your parking spots.

Also, with the increasing snowbanks around town, be very careful with where children play, as the snow slides off the steep banks and snow removal equipment will be working the streets and may not see children playing in the banks. Also, intersections are becoming difficult to see approaching vehicles and pedestrians, please proceed with caution at each intersection.

The Fire Department wishes to remind everyone the Fire Code requires all bedrooms to have two means of exiting. If you own a complex or live in a rental/commercial unit, the owner is responsible to keep these exits open. The Fire Department will also be looking for infractions of this code violation. For those homeowners that use propane, keep the top of the tank dug out to allow quick access to the shutoff valve, make sure that vents are clear and able to function properly, and if you should smell propane, immediately evacuate the structure and call 911.

Lastly, there are fire hydrants located throughout town that are used by the fire department in the event of a fire. The fire department is requesting interested individuals to routinely shovel out the hydrant nearest to their homes to help out. If you would like any additional information on these topics, please feel free to call the Fire Station at any time at 934-2300.





By Seth Conners

City Leaders met Monday night in Bishop. At the meeting, the City Council approved sending a letter to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commissioners, outlining some needs and concerns regarding lease agreements in the Owens Valley, and specifically, the town of Bishop. For the last twelve months, the City of Bishop has acted as an informal Liaison between DWP and local lease holders, concerning the lack of lease transfer-ability and a desire from locals to purchase properties owned but not being used by DWP and Los Angeles.  It’s felt by many in the community that longstanding agreement practices between LADWP and locals in Bishop  have worked well in the past, but are now being tossed aside because they’re considered to be at odds with competitive bidding requirements in the Los Angeles City Charter. The letter addresses and outlines several key issues deemed crucial by locals to help develop more comprehensive land use policies that support the people of the Owens Valley and the economy of Inyo County moving forward. To view a draft of the letter, click on the link below.


Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue Annual Awards Dinner

Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue Annual Awards Dinner

Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue recently held their Annual Awards Dinner. Four members were honored for their individual excellence and public service. Barbara Barnum was awarded the 2016 Pete Schoerner Rescue Member of the Year Award. Barnum is a member of the Board of Directors, Operations Leader, Team Secretary, and active volunteer member of Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue. Viren Perumal was awarded the 2016 Rick Mosher Candidate Member of the Year Award. Perumal joined Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue in April of 2016 and brings expertise in medical and technical wilderness skills. Dan Corning was awarded for ten years of volunteer service with Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue. Don Deck was recognized for putting together the history of Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue through his role as Webmaster, record keeper, and historian. Barnum, Perumal, and Corning each received a wood plaque and Deck was given a copy of the recently published history book.

Reported by: Amber Weller, Public Information Officer

NIHD Employees Spread Christmas Cheer

NIHD Employees Spread Christmas Cheer

Once again, the employees of Northern Inyo Healthcare District united to make the holidays a little brighter for others.

The 2016 Holiday Gift Drive saw NIHD employees donating more than 82 gifts, including warm blankets, mittens, slippers, puzzle books and toiletries. The employees’ generosity ensures a holiday gift for each patient of the Bishop Care Center, plus Christmas Day patients of the Medical Surgical floor at Northern Inyo Hospital.

NIHD employees and friends volunteered to wrap the gifts after work hours. Those volunteering their time included NIHD team members Maria Sirois, Michelle Garcia, Kristen Bernasconi, Dianne Picken, Reuben Morgenstein, Barbara Laughon, and NIHD friends Diana Garcia and Peter Bernasconi.

NIHD employees also worked to sell ghost and spider “Candygrams” during Halloween. These sales allowed the employees to purchase four of the five requested Inyo Register subscriptions for patients at the Bishop Care Center. Inyo Register Publisher Mike Gervais generously donated a fifth subscription on behalf of the newspaper’s staff.

The gift drive and the Candygram sales were organized by NIHD’s Performance Improvement Department, headed by Chief Performance Excellence Officer Maria Sirois. Rounding out the team are Wendy Runley, Kristen Bernasconi and Michelle Garcia.

2016 is the second year the NIHD employees held a gift drive. Last year, the NIHD team provided gifts for more than 100 patients at the Bishop Care Center and Southern Inyo Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility. Last month, NIHD employees donated more than 50 turkeys to area groups hosting Thanksgiving dinners for the community.




The 2nd Annual Railroad Express Event is scheduled for this Saturday, December 10th. Sponsored by the Bishop Chamber of Commerce. Families will be able to explore the grounds and enjoy wagon rides and train rides. There will also be refreshments and live entertainment to go with the crafts and activities, plus a visit from Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

The party kicks off at 10 a.m. on Saturday and runs until 4 p.m. Advanced ticket sales are available the Bishop Chamber of Commerce.



Thanks to growing community support, conservation in the Eastern Sierra just got a big boost. According to Kay Ogden from Eastern Sierra Land Trust, last week on Giving Tuesday, supporters helped raise over $21,000 in just one day to protect the land, wildlife, water, and rural traditions we all treasure. As a locally-supported non-profit organization, Eastern Sierra Land Trust needs the communities help to continue their work. To close the funding gap and meet financial needs of the year, they need to raise $115,000 by December 31st. They’re nearly 20% of the way there.

Thanks to local supporters, more homes will be protected, generations-old family ranch-lands will be conserved, and kids will have more chances to connect with nature. For more information or to make a donation please contact the Eastern Sierra Land Trust.


Maybe it was the energizing long bus ride. Maybe Coach Palu has found something for these kids to rally on. Either way, the Bishop Bronco’s traveled to the “other side of the mountain” and put a  Central Cal team in their place last Thursday night.

Molina,Rennie. Can’t keep a good horse down.

Forget common opponents, means nothing. All the Broncos have to do is get on the bus, drive for hours and beat a team that we have no experience with. Sounds easy enough right?

Jerry Mendez has been a SOLID kicker all year.

When the dust settled, the Bronco’s got back on that energizing bus with a big win over Caruthers 49-16.

Senior leader and QB Ryan Graves played out of his mind. Ryan likes long bus rides.  Passing, Graves went 8 for 9 with 176 yards. And when Graves wasn’t passing the ball, he was shredding the Caruthers defense for 170 yards and 3 TD’s on the ground.

Graves with daylight.

Izaak Morganstein is playing his last season too. He’s logged a few miles on a bus. Bring it on! Izaak caught 143 yards worth of real estate with 2 TD’s.

Smothering defense works.

#18 Arturo Lemus is fun to watch. And we get to watch him for a couple more years. Lemus is a Sophomore. Lemus ran for a TD, and on “D” he had an interception and 9 total tackles.

Sophomore Arturo Lemas was all over the field on offense and defense.

The Bronco defense deserves credit. They’ve played through diversity. They play tough,Bronco defense like the good ole days. Double digit tackles in this playoff game goes to Mike Molina(12) and Lorenzo Parra (11). We shall call them Horses.

A small group from the stable. Molina, Rennie, Parra and Martinez.
Freshman Luke McClean got the call up from JV. I would say he enjoyed the bus ride.
JR Sam Moose getting the tackle.

With the Bronco’s ranking of 11th, we will get back on that energizing bus, we will wave to Caruthers as we pass that school on Highway 99 and head to Firebaugh. Common opponents ? Who cares, just keep the bus rolling.


Stellar Photography by Lorenzo Parra





The Bishop community can save lives during the Bishop Community Blood Drive at the Elks Lodge from Tuesday, Nov. 15 – Wednesday, Nov. 16. All blood drive participants will receive “Hero in Me” Donor Rewards points, redeemable for thank-you gifts in the only Hero Rewards store, such as a $10.00 Amazon gift card worth 800 points to be redeemed in our Rewards Store. Normally a donor receives 100 points for making an appointment and 100 for donating = 200 points. In November, each donor will receive 800 points to shop in our Rewards Store. 800 points can get the $10.00 Amazon gift card, a free movie ticket for 500 points etc.
Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. The holiday season is typically a challenging time of year to collect blood due to a variety of factors including the cold and flu season, busy schedules for regular donors, and an increase in hospital demand for blood combined with a decrease in blood donations.
Appointments are recommended, and donors can schedule their appointment by visiting, selecting “Locate a blood drive”, and using sponsor code: Bishop, or calling 760-920-3281. Donors must bring a photo ID. Walk-ins are welcome.
WHEN: November 15, 2016
                  12:00 – 6:00pm
                  November 16, 2016
                  8:00am – 2:00pm          
WHERE:  Bishop Elks Lodge
                     151 East Line St.
ELIGIBILITY:    Volunteer blood donors must be at least 16 years old with a signed United Blood Services parental consent form, weigh a minimum of 110 pounds and be in good health. Additional height/weight requirements apply to donors 22 and younger. For more information, please visit


Bishop’s JV team wins. That’s what they do all year long. This victory was tight. With the score knotted at ZERO-ZERO going into the 4th quarter, Wesley Pettet changes the score and the outcome of the game with a rushing TD AND the 2 point conversion. Bishop wins 8-0 !!

Bishop’s Jon Torres drags a Cal City player for a few extra yards.
This Cal City pass was intended for #18 but it didn’t make it. Luke McClean grabs the INT.

A defensive game requires defensive pictures.

Tian DeBeaupre with 2 of his tackles in the backfield for losses.



Tristan Valle and Cal Omohondro in the backfield getting after Cal City’s QB.
Bishop QB found some running room in the first half but was kept out of the end zone.
Wesley Pettet keeping this Cal City back from finding too much daylight.