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Bishop Broncos Fall To Ontario Christian-Next Up Silver Valley At Home

Bishop Broncos Fall to Ontario Christian

The Bronco team led by head coach Arnie Palu

On Friday, September 15th, the Bishop Broncos traveled to Ontario Christian to battle the 3-0 Knights. Both Bishop and Ontario Christian scored a touchdown in the first to go to the Second Quarter tied at 7. In the Second Quarter, the Knights exploded for 13 more points to the Broncos 3. Going into halftime, the Knights had the lead 20-10.

Mike Molina picking up some yards behind Lorenzo Parra

In the Third Quarter, the Knights held the Broncos scoreless while adding another 7 points.

Cal Omohundro grabbing the interception

In the Fourth Quarter, the roles were reversed as the Broncos scored 7 and held the Knights to no points. However, the Knights would hold on to win 27-17.

Arturo Lemus fighting for yards


Broncos Quarterback, Luke McClean went 6 for 12 passing for 41 yards. Leading Rushers for the Broncos were Mike Molina, 16 carries for 81 yards, and Lorenzo Parra 2 carries for 28 yards.

Sweet reception for Lorenzo Parra from Luke McClean

The Broncos accumulated a total of 344 yards on the night with 3 interceptions from Arturo Lemus, Cal Omohundro and Tristen Valle.

Justin Brooks getting to the Ontario Christian QB

The Broncos will host the Silver Valley Trojans (2-0) this Friday. The JV game starts at 4pm and the Varsity at 7pm. The Varsity game will be broadcast on 1230am KBOV.

Big Thanks to Lorenzo Parra Photography for the great photos.


During the early evening of September 7th, defendant Amelia Markarian, age 65, of Mammoth Lakes, was driving northbound on Highway 395, just south of Highway 89 in Mono County. Due to her intoxication she failed to negotiate a right-hand turn and crossed over the solid yellow line dividing the roadway. She collided head-on into the victim’s vehicle, being driven southbound by Coleville resident Christopher Harper, killing him instantly.

Further investigation revealed that Ms. Markarian had a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. She was charged by the Mono County District Attorney’s office with second-degree murder, vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving while under the influence of alcohol and with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or more and causing great bodily injury. She was arraigned on September 12th in the Bridgeport courthouse, and pled not guilty. She is being held on $2,000,000 bail. Her next court date is October 10th.

(Booking photo Mono County Jail)

Bishop Police Department Activity-False Report/Robbery

On September 12, the Bishop Police Department responded to a report of a female claiming she was being held against her will. Responding units determined this was a false report. The female, identified as Elizabeth Jamie Walders age 29 of Bishop, was arrested for an out of County warrant and transported to the Inyo County jail.

Then on Wednesday, an adult male friend of the female, was arrested for strong arm robbery against another man. The robbery occurred on Tuesday evening, in the Whitney Alley. The male was identified as Matthew Jacob Gonzales, age 28 and was arrested at the Bishop City Park.

Gonzales is being held on $100,000 bail and is charged with one felony county of Robbery and one felony count of Battery with Serious Bodily Injury

(booking photo Inyo County Jail)

Fatal Traffic Collision on US-395

On Thursday, September 9, 2017, at 5:40 PM, California Highway Patrol Bridgeport responded to a two vehicle, head on traffic collision on US-395 south of SR-89. A black Ford F-150 pickup, driven by Amelia Markarian from Nixon, Nevada, was traveling northbound on US-395, while at the same time a green Dodge Dakota pickup, driven by Christopher Harper from Coleville, California, was traveling southbound on US-395.

Mrs. Markarian failed to negotiate a right-hand curve and allowed her Ford to cross over the solid yellow line. The Ford struck Mr. Harper’s Dodge head-on. Due to the impact from the collision, Mr. Harper sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Mrs. Markarian was care flighted to RENOWN medical center in Reno, Nevada.

Mrs. Markarian was placed under arrest for suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol at the time of this collision. At this time the collision is still under investigation by Bridgeport Area California Highway Patrol.

First West Nile Virus Illness Confirmed in Inyo County

Inyo County Health Officer, Dr. James Richardson, announced on September 6, 2017 that a human case of West Nile virus (WNV) acquired in Inyo County has been confirmed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and a second report of possible WNV is under investigation. This marks the first ever confirmed human case of WNV in Inyo County.

The individual, who very likely acquired the illness in the Bishop area, has recovered fully.

A majority of people who are bit by a WNV-infected mosquito will not experience any symptoms. However, about 20% will experience flu-like symptoms that last a few days and resolve on their own. A very small number- about 1 out of every 150 people who contract WNV- will develop a more serious neurologic illness that may lead to lasting neurological damage or death. Three WNV-related deaths have been reported statewide so far this year, according to the California West Nile virus website.

People 50 years of age and older, and individuals with diabetes or hypertension, have a higher chance of getting sick and are more likely to develop complications. If you develop symptoms of severe WNV illness, such as unusually severe headaches or confusion, seek medical attention immediately.

A record seven WNV positive mosquito samples have been collected in Inyo County so far this year. According to Rob Miller of the Owens Valley Mosquito Abatement Program (OVMAP), “West Nile virus was last detected in 2011, and in that year only one positive sample was found”. Extraordinary runoff conditions and associated water spreading activities by the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) this summer have led to an enormous increase in mosquito breeding habitat throughout the Owens Valley.

OVMAP appealed to the LADWP for their help in providing resources to conduct aerial mosquito control operations in order to manage mosquito sources that are inaccessible from the ground. LADWP agreed to provide these resources to help protect the residents and visitors to the Owens Valley, with aerial operations commencing on August 31 and ending September 1.

Nate Reade, Agricultural Commissioner for Inyo County, said he “praised LADWP’s offer to assist” and that resources provided by LADWP will “most certainly reduce the threat that mosquitoes pose to our towns in the Owens Valley”.

“While residents and visitors may begin to see a significant reduction in mosquito activity following aggressive mosquito control operations, it is still very important for individuals to continue to protect themselves from mosquito bites in order to avoid West Nile virus infection,” says Dr. Richardson. “We strongly recommend that you follow these steps to avoid mosquito bites:”

Use mosquito repellent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using insect repellents containing DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535. Some oil of Lemon eucalyptus and Para-Menthane-Diol products provide similar protection.

Avoid outdoor activities if possible during dawn and dusk. This is especially important during the first two hours following sunset, when species that spread West Nile Virus are actively biting. Make sure that your doors and windows have tight-fitting screens to keep out mosquitoes. Repair or replace screens that have tears or holes.
Wear long sleeves and pants. This provides additional protection when used in conjunction with insect repellent.

California’s West Nile virus website, includes the latest information on WNV activity in the state.

Jury Finds Bencoma Guilty-Sentencing Set

Inyo County District Attorrney:
Jury Finds Bencoma Guilty
Sentencing Date Set
September 8, 2017

On September 6, 2017 an Inyo County Jury convicted Bishop-area resident Raymond Bencoma of four counts of felony assault with a firearm arising out of an incident that occurred in the early morning hours of August 26, 2016. Under California law, these charges are classified as serious felonies. Mr. Bencoma was charged under a specific section that alleged assault on peace officers with a firearm. “It appears that the jury, based on the evidence in the case, did not believe that Mr. Bencoma knew or reasonably should have known that the individuals he was assaulting were peace officers—but they found beyond a reasonable doubt that he was assaulting human beings, and knew it”.
The evidence presented showed that the officers approached Mr. Bencoma during the course of a domestic violence investigation. It was dark, and for officer and public safety reasons, they did not announce their presence as police officers, and used minimal lighting. This is well-accepted police practice for approaching a known dangerous individual suspected of a violent crime, but it may have created some doubt about the identity of the individuals assaulted.
On September 7, following the jury’s guilty verdicts, the case returned to court for a court or bench trial before the Honorable Brian Lamb on the issue of whether or not Mr. Bencoma had suffered three prior convictions of serious and/or violent felonies. The Judge found those allegations to be true, and the matter set for sentencing on October 19, 2017. Final sentencing decisions are always made by the presiding judge, but Mr. Bencoma is facing a potential sentence of 25 years to life on each of the four assault with a firearm counts. Mr. Bencoma was previously convicted of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm and an ex-felon in possession of ammunition.


**Update* Wednesday September 6, 2017


On Wednesday September 6th at approximately 7:00pm Inyo County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the residence of Allen “Ziggy” Stone to serve two active felony warrants. After confirming that Stone was in the residence a perimeter of the property was set with the assistance of the Bishop Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and Mono County Sheriff’s Department. After about fifteen minutes of dialogue encouraging Stone to surrender peacefully, he was taken into custody without incident.


The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Allen “Ziggy” Stone. Stone is to be considered Armed and Dangerous.

On the evening of Sunday August 27th, Inyo County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an armed robbery at a residence on West Line Street in Bishop. Deputies arrived and contacted the victim who reported Allen “Ziggy” Stone had just robbed him at gunpoint.

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office has two active Felony Warrants for the arrest of Stone, and there is currently a $500.00 reward for information leading to Stone’s arrest. Stone is a 27 year old male, from Bishop; he is approximately 5’09”, 200 pounds. Stone’s hair is shaved, and has NUMU tattooed on the front of his neck.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Allen “Ziggy” Stone, please contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office at (760) 878-0383 or (760) 878-0383. You can remain anonymous.

Another West Nile Virus Sample Tests Positive in the Owens Valley

The Owens Valley Mosquito Abatement Program (OVMAP) confirmed today that another mosquito sample tested positive for West Nile virus. This sample was collected in an area outside of Bishop on August 15. This is the sixth positive sample detected in Inyo County during the 2017 mosquito season. Rob Miller of OVMAP stated that “West Nile virus finds can peak as late as mid-September in California, and it is possible we could find positive mosquitos into the fall”.

West Nile virus had not been detected in the Owens Valley in several years. An eradication effort in the area where the positive sample was obtained has already begun. High runoff conditions jump-started a very active mosquito breeding season this year, while creating many inaccessible areas of mosquito habitat. This has taxed OVMAP resources tremendously in 2017, resulting in a July 28 request by the mosquito control agency to the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) for assistance in managing mosquito populations in areas where LADWP has spread vast amounts of water. LADWP committed to helping the residents of the Owens Valley with this issue during the August 15 Inyo County Board of Supervisors Meeting.

About 20% of those who are bit by an infected mosquito will experience flu-like symptoms that last a few days and resolve on their own. Over-the-counter pain medications can help reduce fever and relieve some of the symptoms. About 1 out of every 150 people who contract West Nile virus will develop more serious neurologic illness. If you develop symptoms of severe WNV illness, such as unusually severe headaches or confusion, seek medical attention immediately. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are encouraged to seek medical attention if they develop symptoms commonly associated with WNV.

With ongoing indications of West Nile virus carrying mosquitos in the Owens Valley, the public is encouraged to prevent mosquito bites by: Using mosquito repellent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using insect repellents containing DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535. Some oil of Lemon eucalyptus and Para-Menthane-Diol products provide similar protection.

Avoiding outdoor activities if possible during dawn and dusk. This is especially important during the first two hours following sunset, when species that spread West Nile virus are actively biting.
Wearing long sleeves and pants. This provides additional protection when used in conjunction with insect repellent

Please report mosquito problems to the Owens Valley Mosquito Abatement Program by calling: (760) 873-7853.

Suspicious Person in Crowley Lake Area-Mono County Sheriff’s Department

The Mono County Sheriff’s Office has identified a suspicious person frequenting the Hilton Creek, Crowley Lake, Long Valley, Aspen Springs and Tom’s Place communities. This person has a criminal history but is currently not wanted for any crime.

A person matching the description of the known person was seen by a homeowner peering into garages. The person of interest stated he were looking for a delivered package and stated he lived at a location nearby. The homeowner thought this suspicious and knew his statement to be false.

The person of interest is a male white, 67 years old, brown hair and brown eyes, 5’8”, 165 pounds. He is usually riding a road bicycle, often at a slow pace, and will stop and feign taking photographs. He is believed to be camping in the area.

These communities are advised to keep their garage doors closed, doors locked and vehicles secured. Community members observing any suspicious activity are encouraged to call the Mono County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (760) 932-7549, option 7.

Statement by LADWP General Manager David H. Wright Regarding Eminent Domain Proceedings by Inyo County on Los Angeles-Owned Land Leased for Landfill Operations

August 15, 2017

On Tuesday, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors moved to proceed with the condemnation of City of Los Angeles land where Bishop-Sunland, Independence and Lone Pine landfills are located despite the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) willingness to sell the properties to the County. The Inyo County Board rejected LADWP’s input and moved to proceed with the condemnation action despite the legal deficiencies in the County’s eminent domain justification.

LADWP is currently leasing the three properties to Inyo County for landfill uses. Los Angeles asked the Inyo County Board to delay the condemnation process to further negotiate the sale. As part of the sale proposal, the City of Los Angeles will maintain water rights to the land, consistent with the Los Angeles City Charter, but continue providing water to Inyo County to operate the Bishop-Sunland landfill; Independence and Lone Pine’s water needs are provided by local water service connections.

As the landowner, LADWP has had particular concerns regarding the management of the Bishop-Sunland Landfill which is unlined, fails to meet current regulatory standards, and can negatively impact the watershed. Since 1993, Inyo County has received over 2,500 violations from the State of California for poor landfill operations. To help address these issues, lease terms for the landfill were written to protect the land and the watershed. Though Inyo County agreed to those terms, it now seeks to take control of the property through condemnation and operate the landfill under its own oversight.
LADWP maintains that the landfill must be operated with the appropriate measures to protect the land and the safety of the watershed. We will continue to protect the water and LA’s water rights regardless of the ownership of the land. As such, DWP intends to fully participate in Inyo County’s eminent domain proceedings, ensure proper appraisal of the land, and safeguard environmental and water protections through appropriate environmental documentation. They will also continue to pursue negotiations of the sale of the landfills.

As a much better long term solution, LADWP continues to urge Inyo County to consider the mutually beneficial solution of building a modern landfill that meets all current standards outside of the Owens River watershed. This will ensure that Inyo County has a well-operated waste disposal site, while continuing to safeguard public health, safety, and the environment