**Press Release**
July 11, 2017
Bishop Police Department

At approximately 7:45 PM last night, Dispatch received a call of shots fired coming from an apartment located on the 300 block of E. Line St. Local law enforcement officers responded and set a block-wide perimeter. Credible information continued to flow in during the unified response.

The field investigation tended to reveal that at least two men had engaged in a heated discussion. One of them subsequently displayed and discharged a firearm. It appears no one was injured.

Two males associated with the identified apartment eventually cooperated with officers and were detained. No firearm was located and they were later released from the police department. The investigation is on-going.

A significant challenge officers faced was crowd control. The vast majority of citizens in the area willingly stayed back, recognizing the common sense in steering clear of an obviously active police emergency. Others, unfortunately, chose to challenge the safety perimeter boundaries. In doing so, they pre-occupied officers who were needed to assist or supervise in the investigation and thus compromised the integrity of the crime scene. Two adults were arrested for obstructing and later released from the police department with a citation. Both apologized for their behavior during the interviews.

There were also a handful of citizens who were substantially misinformed about the law or were just there looking to agitate.

BPD would like to thank those who listened to officers or used common sense and stayed safely away. BPD would also like to remind citizens that law enforcement is charged with the responsibility of investigating reports of crime. But it cannot do so effectively when bombarded with nonsensical or unreasonable behavior from onlookers which in turn hurts the entire community.

If you have any information that may assist the investigation, please contact the Bishop Police Department at 760-873-5866 or stop by.